Cybercrime@Octopus is a Council of Europe project based on voluntary contributions aimed at assisting countries worldwide to implement the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime and strengthen data protection and rule of law safeguards

Results are expected in the following areas:

  • To ensure the organisation of the annual Octopus conferences;
  • To co-fund and support the functioning of the Cybercrime Convention Committee with its enlarged membership, functions and number of meetings;
  • To provide advice and other assistance to countries which are prepared to implement the Budapest Convention and related instruments on data protection and the protection of children.

Duration of the project: 1 January 2014 – 31 December 2019.

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Evidence in cyberspace, WHOIS data, cyberviolence, global state of legislation in focus

headline 11-13 July 2018 Strasbourg, France

The Octopus Conference 2018 focuses on solutions to strengthen the rule of law in cyberspace through a Protocol to the Budapest Convention. Consultations with civil society, data protection experts and industry to review proposals for more effective ways to secure electronic evidence, in view of...

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United Kingdom makes a further contribution to Cybercrime@Octopus

13 June 2018 Strasbourg, France

The United Kingdom has made a further voluntary contribution to the Cybercrime@Octopus project. The funding is aimed at supporting the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY) and specifically the negotiation of an additional Protocol on enhanced international cooperation. The United Kingdom is a...

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Japan supports the Octopus Conference 2018

4 June 2018 Strasbourg, France

The government of Japan has made a voluntary contribution of €45,000 to the Council of Europe action against cybercrime. This is the seventh contribution from Japan in support of the Octopus Conferences. The agreement was signed on 4 June 2018 by Ambassador Takamasa Sato, Permanent Observer of...

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