The Ukrainian network of Intercultural Cities (ICC-UA) includes a group of cities that recognize the importance of the diversity advantage concept for the development of their communities. These cities take strategic approach to the implementation of the ICC’s urban model of intercultural integration within their jurisdictions and beyond.

Along with other ICC national networks, the Ukrainian network of Intercultural Cities has launched its new phase in 2015 following the Recommendation CM / Rec (2015)1 of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe and aiming to review relevant policies and develop intercultural strategies for all cities-members of the updated network.

The Melitopol Forum 2015 in Ukraine was crucial for revisiting the concept of Intercultural Cities in the contemporary Ukrainian reality. Interested partners and stakeholders from different cities and regions of Ukraine as well as the representatives from the national government and the CoE experts defined the objectives, priorities and future strategy of the ICC-UA. These include:

  • Implement the urban model of intercultural integration in the ICC-UA member-cities while assuring that concrete policies and actions are reflected in the individual city plans
  • Employ and adapt the existing ICC Programme tools and approaches for the integration of the internally displaced people, attract the COE experts to the process
  • Sign the Memorandum of the updated network with the members of updated network to assure transparency of the ICC-UA structure and functioning
  • Develop the ICC-UA network guide in order to assist the new cities in the process of joining the Ukrainian network of Intercultural Cities and to keep the lessons learned from the forgoing phase of the network
  • Assure connectivity and uninterrupted information exchange between the members of national network and the cities-members of the ICC Programme
  • Collaborate closely with the member-cities teams assuring full understanding of the complexity and multidimensionality of the ‘interculturality’ concept and reaching out to a variety of local actors beyond art and culture field


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