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Intercultural cities: good practice examples

The Intercultural city aims at building its policies and identity on the explicit acknowledgement that diversity can be a resource for the development of the society.

The first step is the adoption (and implementation) of strategies that facilitate positive intercultural encounters and exchanges, and promote equal and active participation of residents and communities in the development of the city, thus responding to the needs of a diverse population. The Intercultural integration policy model is based on extensive research evidence, on a range of international legal instruments, and on the collective input of the cities member of the Intercultural Cities programme that share their good practice examples on how to better manage diversity, address possible conflicts, and benefit from the diversity advantage.

This section offers examples of intercultural approaches that facilitate the development and implementation of intercultural strategies.

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Barcelona: The districts reflect on education and interculturality

Spain Barcelona 21 June 2018

On 16 May, technical representatives of all the city’s districts met to work on the challenges implied by intercultural education. During the last two years the BCN Interculturality Programme has...

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Music-making without language

Germany Erlangen June 2017

Since 2016, the school for music and singing of the City of Erlangen offers two classes, working without any language. People of distinct origin, including refugees, come together to make music....

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Intercultural Education as a part of a School Curriculum

Ukraine Sumy March 2017 – present

In 2017, Sumy school #18 officially established intercultural education as a part of its curriculum which includes teaching the values of tolerance, respect to different cultures, and ethnic...

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Geneva: the City tackles hurtful words

Switzerland Geneva 2018

At a time when social networks and digital communication are having a major impact on our everyday interaction, raising awareness of discriminatory remarks and speech is a real challenge for public...

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Measure to promote the participation of people with diverse cultural and native backgrounds in Barcelona participation areas

Spain Barcelona On-going, until end of 2019

This new government measure is an action that emerges from a shared concern in relation to the possibilities to make traditionally excluded population(s) enjoying active “citizenship” and full...

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Women in Botkyrka

Sweden Botkyrka Implemented for three years, starting on 1st March 2018

The action is based on the city’s intercultural strategy focusing on foreign- born women as a special target group in need of structural reforms to become a part of the labour- and/or educational...

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(Re)Writing our neighbourhood

Portugal Braga Implemented for 3 years, from March 2017 to February 2020

(Re)Writing our neighbourhood is a 3 year project to be implemented in three neighbourhoods in the city of Braga, Portugal. In addition to the physical improvement of the social housing...

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Participatory Budget

France Paris On-going since 2014

Launched in 2014 to implement actions of participatory democracy in Paris, the Participatory Budget aims at mobilising all actors on the making of their city (public agents, professionals,...

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Successful Roma of Pavlohrad

Ukraine Pavlograd Implementation period: 5 years since 2012

Pavlohrad has a large community of Roma people, who enrich the city’s life with their great cultural heritage, music and traditions. At the same time housing, access to education and stereotyping...

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Mondinsieme’ Assembly

Italy Reggio Emilia

Citizen engagement and citizen participation are key elements for the Municipality of Reggio Emilia. Calling itself “La Città delle Persone” (the City of the People), the City administration has...

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Mescla’t (“Mix it up”)

Spain Sabadell Implemented annually from April to November, but the presentation is one Saturday of October every year

“Mescla’t” is an action implemented in the frame of the civil rights policies from Sabadell City Council. It consists in a festive day that brings together those who work in Sabadell for the...

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Narrative for the inteculturality (Actions for the coexistence)

Spain Santa Coloma de Gramenet Implemented in 2018

In 2016 the City hall of Santa Coloma de Gramanet created the Xarxa de Transmissió de Valors i Missatges Positius, which in English would be translated as “The network of transmission of values and...

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Immigrants Council

Norway Stavanger

The Immigrants’ Council (IC) is an advisory body that was set up in Stavanger already in 1986, under the aegis of the Mayor. Its main objective was to ensure a more active involvement of the...

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Intercultural Hub

Ukraine Vinnitsya

Vinnytsia (370,000 people) is a regional cultural center of Podillia region (Ukraine, 9 million people). The population is characterized by a multicultural composition. In particular, there are...

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Guided tours of the Greatest Hits exhibition by members of Erlangen Refugee Forum : The best of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and today - from the Municipal Collection of Erlangen

Germany Erlangen December 2017 to February 2018

For the duration of the exhibition Greatest Hits (December 2017 to February 2018) the Kunstpalais offered guided tours in Arabic, Armenian, Persian, Russian and Turkish for the first time. The...

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Lutsk Castle – United by a common history

Ukraine Lutsk 2018

The Lutsk Castle serves as a center of intercultural dialogue and interaction, offering a public space for all nationalities and ethnicities living in the city and aiming to unite people by drawing...

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“Small Theatre – Great Place for Inspiration”

Ukraine Pavlograd 2018

The renovation and transformation of the historical Pavlograd Drama Theatre from the 19th century was part of an initiative within the city’s “Program of Cultural Development and Cultural Heritage...

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Creative Orchestra

Portugal Santa Maria da Feira 2018

The Creative Orchestra is a community project that aims to bring forward the social dimension of music. The orchestra is accessible for all, regardless of one’s musical experience, age or...

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“Study in Lisbon” Website

Portugal Lisbon 2018

The website “Study in Lisbon” is directed specifically at foreign students, encouraging them to pursue their studies in Lisbon (“10 reasons to study in Lisbon”) as well as providing information for...

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The Intercultural Calendar

Germany Berlin-Neukölln 2018 on

Together with the integration representatives of each Berlin district, Neukölln co-manages Berlin’s Intercultural Calendar that integrates the various holidays and fests celebrated in the city....

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