The Working Group on Intercultural Integration (GT-ADI-INT) will hold its first meeting on 29-30 September

The Working Group on Intercultural Integration (GT-ADI-INT) will hold its first meeting online on 29-30 September, in line with the current sanitary guidelines. Appointed members, observers and participants will meet for the first time to get to know each other, lay out expectations and set...

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28 September: Launch of Voice Over, the online review about the intercultural mood

starting from 28 September 2020

In monthly articles, Voice Over, an online magazine created by international artist David Liver with the support of the Intercultural Cities Programme of the Council of Europe, invites renowned provocative thinkers from the international sphere to address questions such as “How do we address...

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Launch of the Anti-rumour Guide in the Educational field

Which better place than a school to promote critical thinking in young people and educate them on how to dismantle rumours and stereotypes that hinder peaceful and productive coexistence in diverse society? In this month of September, when most young people all around Europe found their way back...

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Webinar on “Preventing the potential discriminatory effects of the use of artificial intelligence in local services”: opening of registrations

21st September 2020 at 13:00 CET online

Municipalities provide a wide range of public services to their citizens and increasingly this is supported by technologies including Automated Decision Making (ADM) tools and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. The deployment of IT tools in public services has brought new challenges and...

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Welcoming Cities: a new project of the Portuguese Network of Intercultural Cities

24 September 2020

On 24 September, the Portuguese network launched “Welcoming Cities”, a project to increase RPCI members’ capacity to interculturally welcome the new residents. Most RPCI members develop a Migrant Integration Plan for 3 years, together with local migrant groups, organisations, and services. These...

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Looking for inspirational ideas on preventing systemic discrimination?

17 September 2020 Strasbourg, France

Member cities of the Intercultural Cities Networks work with developing intercultural policies to enhance their services to citizens. Intercultural policies and strategies promote equality, encounters and participation, and contribute to building societies where diverse populations thrive. At ICC...

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A boat, refugees, a dilemma: An Agean Story

Patras, Greece

The Patras International Festival (PIF) outdoors performances presented “Aegean Story” last 10 September, a play about refugees and asylum seekers. The venue (former Municipal Hospital) is a symbolic place, for now acting as a core cultural hub and soon to be transformed into an ICT and virtual...

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The Steering Committee on Anti-Discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion (CDADI) sets up the first multilevel Working Group on Intercultural Integration

10 September 2020 Strasbourg, France

The Committee on Anti-Discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion (CDADI) held its first meeting on 8-10 September, under a hybrid format combining physical presence in Strasbourg and online attendance. The meeting agenda for 9 September included an item on the intercultural integration model...

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Back to school in Italy, with a new Anti-rumours manual for students!

14 September 2020

Despite the complicated situation due to Covid-19, in Italy it is time to go back to school! On September 14th, most students of all levels have returned to school. And we can only wish them all a stimulating and enriching year! The closure of schools imposed by the epidemic emergency has...

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Intercultural cities expert visit to Rochester, Minnesota

14-18 September 2020 Rochester, USA

Rochester Minnesota is the first city in the United States to join the Intercultural cities programme. The review of the city’s migrant inclusion and diversity policies were reviewed and the ICC INDEX reports were published, triggering an enthusiastic debate within the community. The first expert...

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