Anti-rumours handbook 2018 now available also in French

16 May 2018

Successful intercultural strategies require change in the mind-set, attitudes and behaviour of both migrants and receiving communities. Building trust and a feeling of belonging to a pluralistic community with shared fundamental principles is key to achieving cohesion. The difficulty of gaining...

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Adoption of the Lisbon Declaration by the Erlangen City Council

27 April 2018

Erlangen City Council adopted unanimously the Lisbon Declaration “Urban policies for inclusive migrant integration and diversity advantage”. On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the Intercultural Cities Network adopted the Declaration at the end of the Milestone event held in Lisbon in...

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Living together in inclusive democracies: how can the intercultural approach promote participation in diverse societies?

26-27 April 2018 Tenerife, Spain

Participation is a core principle of human rights and a condition for effective democratic citizenship for all people. Active citizenship is also one of the goals of Intercultural policies that aim at enhancing participation of the whole community as a mean to build greater inclusion. Local...

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"Open window" / "Youngest intercultural ambassadors": children in kindergartens discover intercultural interaction

20 April 2018

The new digital environment has opened the ground for innovative practices in very different fields. Despite some criticism about their possible misuse, social media have the power to connect people from different countries or territories, and encourage interaction and mutual understanding. That...

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Zarqa (Jordan) shares its experience on migrant and refugee inclusion at a PACE* meeting

17 April 2018

On 22 March, Mohammed Zawahreh, head of the Local Development Unit of the city of Zarqa (Jordan), presented its city’s work, initiatives and challenges to the PACE’s Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons, building on the knowledge and experience gained through the Council of...

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A Path to build a United and Inclusive Society: The City of Turin adopts its “Guidelines for interculturality and participation

3 April 2018 Turin, Italy

Inclusion of citizens in the political processes is not a challenge – it is the challenge the City of Turin has decided to face. In a time when social inequalities grow, the fear for “the other” rises together with violence and rage, an effort was needed to re-define policies and improve their...

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ICC welcomes the cities of Melton (Australia) and Messina (Italy)

March 2018

The ICC Programme is happy to announce two new memberships, notably the cities of Melton (Australia) and Messina (Italy). Both cities joined the International network of Intercultural Cities, bringing the total number of members 125. The City of Melton is located in the outer western fringe of...

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The City of Fuenlabrada publishes a catalogue of anti-rumours activities to fight against racism

March 2018 Fuenlabrada, Spain

In March 2018, the City Council of Fuenlabrada has published the “Fuenlabrada Antirumor Catalogue”, a guide with activities and games to fight against racism and promote intercultural coexistence in the city. The Catalogue has been prepared through a participatory process that has involved 16...

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Anti rumours training in Montreal

March 2018 Montreal, Canada

In preparation of the launch of its Anti-Rumours Strategy, the city of Montreal organised an anti-rumours training for local stakeholders on 12-16 March. This was an intensive week of meetings and training session focussed on: empowering the city’s actions and programmes through capacity building...

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An intercultural citizenship test to assess citizens’ competences

27-28 March 2018 Strasbourg, France

The debate around active citizenship as a factor of positive integration is becoming crucial for cities engaged in opening up political and participation spaces for newcomers. active citizenship is both a way to ensure equal access to rights for non-nationals, effective justice in everyday life...

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