Study finds that intercultural cities have higher well-being and citizen satisfaction

15 January 2018

Since 2008, the Council of Europe, through its flagship programme Intercultural Cities, has supported more than 120 local authorities in Europe and around the world, in designing and implementing inclusive policies and strategies for migrant and refugee integration according to the Intercultural...

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Guidelines for Diversity Connectors for startups now online

Implemented in 2016-2017 the Diversity Connectors pilot project sought to enable startup incubators to attract and cater for the needs of both mainstream and immigrant enterprises entering a variety of industries. The benefits for immigrant enterprises may include a quicker learning curve through...

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Consultation for Patras Integrated Action Plan during the “Migrant’s Day” 2017

Patras, Greece

Patras Municipal Enterprise for Planning & Development-ADEP SA chose the 18th December, the international Migrant’s Day, for completing the working meetings of Patras Urbact Local Group (ULG). This falls within the transnational project entitled «ARRIVAL CITIES» funded by the URBACT III programme...

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Anti-rumours handbook 2018

Successful intercultural strategies require change in the mind-set, attitudes and behaviour of both migrants and receiving communities. Building trust and a feeling of belonging to a pluralistic community with shared fundamental principles is key to achieving cohesion. The difficulty of gaining...

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ICC Milestone event – main conclusions

28-29 November 2017 Lisbon, Portugal

From Oslo (Norway) to Limassol (Cyprus), from Paris (France) to Rijeka (Croatia), from Ballarat (Australia) to Montreal (Canada), from Mexico City (Mexico) to Hamamatsu (Japan), passing by Tanger (Morocco) and Haifa (Israel): in 10 Years (2007-2017) the Intercultural Cities programme developed...

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Marking International Migrants Day

18 December 2017 Rijeka, Croatia

Rijeka 2020 will celebrate International Migrants Day on 18 December at the Youth Cultural Centre Palach, starting at 6 PM. The programme includes discourse-oriented content (forum on economic migrations and development of parallel structures), cultural-artistic content (Mimika Orchestra) and...

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Canton of Neuchâtel: valuing diversity among the key objectives of the next legislative programme

"For centuries, the Canton of Neuchâtel has been a land open to the world and to new ideas. Its identity is constantly evolving, nourishing itself of the interactions generated by the encounters of people from different cultures and origins. We want to develop a urban planning that contributes to...

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The 2017 compilation of Good practices from Intercultural Cities is now online

The Intercultural city aims at building its policies and identity on the explicit acknowledgement that diversity can be a resource for the development of the society. The first step is the adoption and implementation of strategies that facilitate positive intercultural encounters and exchanges,...

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ICC Annual report 2017 now online !

The Intercultural cities’ yearly activity report has just been published online. The report is only available in English. The report outlines the work carried out over the past year and contains active links to the main documents produced.

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Policy Lab for Inclusive Integration

28 November 2017 Lisbon, Portugal

How can inclusive integration policies of cities contribute to a better management of migration at national level? Inclusive integration is about both ensuring a framework for equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities, and fostering intercultural interaction, understanding and...

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