Study visit to Geneva on ‟Human rights at local level: preventing discrimination through an intersectional approach”

18-19 October 2018 Geneva, Switzerland

An increasing number of persons who are the victims of persecution on the ground of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity are seeking protection outside their home country, and in particular in Europe. This constitutes a challenge in terms of respect for the rights of LGBTi people, and...

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Fuenlabrada: Study visit for police officers on community policing

23-25 October 2018 Fuenlabrada, Spain

On 23-25 October Fuenlabrada Police will host and run a Study visit on community policing, for around 30 local police officers coming from Intercultural cities from all over Europe. Community Policing is a policing strategy that develops an approach to surveillance and prevention based on ties...

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Towards an urban citizenship fostering the participation of all

Montreal, Canada

Following the first steps undertaken at the 2017 Summer conference of the International Observatory on Participatory Democracy (IOPD), held in Montréal under the banner of “participation without exclusion”, the Conseil interculturel de Montréal (CIM) has just issued a statement complemented by...

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First National Policy Lab in Portugal

9-10 October 2018 Lisbon, Portugal

On 9-10 October, Portugal organises its first Policy Lab on inclusive integration The “Inclusive Integration Policy Lab” is an initiative launched by the ICC programme to promote co-operation and co-ordination among local, regional and national authorities in the field of diversity management...

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URBAN CITIZENSHIP: Making places where everyone can belong

28-29 November 2018 Botkyrka, Sweden

Urban citizenship is not a new idea. Its root run deep in European history, when city states once held primacy. Only with the rise of nationhood did it fade from prominence but, in our new reality where global connectivity and mobility clash with exclusionary nativism, cities have been able to...

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Annual meeting of ICC Coordinators

26-27 September 2018 Rijeka, Croatia

Cities that are member of the international Intercultural Cities network hold coordination meetings once per year to take stock of achievements, put forward new challenges, and prepare the next programme of work with a view to further develop both the intercultural cities’ network and the...

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Mexico City opens its first Centre for Interculturality

September 2018 Mexico City

With the objective of maintaining and strengthening Mexican roots through a space for the coexistence of the indigenous population and native people who reside in the capital of the country, the Government of Mexico City delivered the first Center for Interculturality, where all inhabitants can...

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The City of Montreal runs a training course on the co-development of integrated projects which have a significant social impact.


Montreal is characterised by its extensive community network, and the municipal administration recognises the exceptional work carried out by community organisations (non-profit organisations) (OBNL) in the field. These organisations, which are well entrenched in their communities, meet many...

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First steps towards the ICC Strategy development in Vinnytsia

11 September 2018 Vinnytsia, Ukraine

The first meeting of the Task Force on the “ICC Strategy Development – Vinnytsia” was held on September 11, 2018. Representatives of national communities, Vinnytsia City Council and city departments, public organizations, as well as city activists and media gathered to discuss the results of the...

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Turin hosts an Intercultural Cities 2-day workshop on intercultural communication for Italian policy makers

13-14 September 2018 Turin, Italy

On 13-14 September, the city of Turin hosts a 2-day workshop on intercultural communication and mediation for Italian city officers and policy makers. Under the title “Explaining interculturality: how do you present, discuss & defend intercultural policies at the local level”, the workshop will...

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