New good practices from Ansan (South Korea): check them for new inspirational ideas!

30 July 2020 Ansan, South Korea

Member cities of the Intercultural Cities Networks work with developing intercultural policies to enhance their services to citizens. Intercultural policies and strategies promote equality, encounters and participation, and contribute to building societies where diverse populations thrive. The...

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Gentrification in the Intercultural City – How to Manage and Prevent

24 July 2020

The ICC is happy to share the updated Policy Study and the new Policy Brief on the topic of managing gentrification in the intercultural city. The research is based on information shared by member cities within the ICC network, as well as desk research by the ICC expert Mela Social Enterprise....

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What’s the impact of implementing ICC policies in a city? The Melitopol survey

The city of Melitopol has recently launched a social partnership between its community and the City Council. Its goal, to achieve a productive cooperation. This springs from the ICC Strategy and embodies one of the key aspects of its intercultural integration policy, which the city is currently...

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Webinar on instruments and tools to fight systemic racism

7 July 2020 at 11.00-12.30 CET Online

On 7 July, the Anti-Discrimination Department of the Council of Europe will hold a webinar ‘From challenges to solutions: instruments and tools to fight systemic racism’. The webinar will explore the effectiveness of Council of Europe tools for combating systemic racism and creating anti-racist...

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Connecting Cities During the COVID Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities for ICC

The notion of “connectivity” generally refers to developments in the fields of transportation and communication. But in the context of the current global health crisis, connecting with each other across physical and social distances has become a source of increasing interest and concern,...

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Online conference of the Cyprus National European Migration Network

26 June 2020 Online

On 26th of June 2020, the Mayor of Limassol, Mr Nicos Nicolaides participated in the online annual conference of the Cyprus national European Migration Network, organized by the Migration Department of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus, under the title "The role of local...

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The ICC Anti-rumours manual now available in Japanese

After the release of the English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese versions of the Anti-Rumours Manual, the ICC ais pleased to announce the launch of the Japanese version. Successful intercultural strategies require change in the mind-set, attitudes and behaviour of both migrants and...

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ICC Call for tenders-> Creation of a tool to create online ICC charts and ensure their maintenance and updating

Deadline 10 July 2020

The Intercultural Cities Programme (ICC) is a capacity building initiative programme that supports public authorities across Europe and beyond implementing the participative design, implementation and evaluation of diversity and inclusion strategies. These strategies mobilise political leaders,...

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World Refugee Day 2020: “Everyone Can Make a Difference, Every Action Counts”

20 June 2020

“Mobility is an intrinsic feature of the human being, and it has been a key factor of societal progress and development over the centuries. Mobility can be a choice linked to personal aspirations and life projects, but sometimes it is simply a survival strategy, the only possible issue. This is...

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Webinar on “Intercultural regions: improving access to services”

29 June 2020

On 29 June a webinar on Intercultural regions – Improving access to services for diverse residents - will be organised by the Assembly of European Regions, The Council of Europe/Intercultural Cities and IOM. Regional and local authorities are at the forefront when it comes to addressing...

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