The anti-rumour strategy aims to raise awareness about the importance of countering diversity-related prejudices and rumours that hamper positive interaction and social cohesion and that lay the foundations of discriminatory and racists attitudes.

Introduction to the Anti-rumours Methodology

This is the first series of videos produced by the Council of Europe Intercultural Cities programme, in collaboration with Anti-rumours Global, in order to provide a theoretical and practical introduction to the Anti-rumours Strategy.

The strategy, understood as a public policy, is composed of a number of elements: identifying major rumours existing in a city; collecting objective data and also emotional arguments to dismantle false rumours; creating an anti-rumour network of local actors from civil society; empowering and training “anti-rumour agents”; and designing and implementing anti-rumour campaigns to raise awareness, including by creating and disseminating new tools and resources, both creative and rigorous.

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