INFO: These videos are produced by youth NGOs with the support of the European Youth Foundation and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Council of Europe.



Youth Social Rights Network: Cinema of Social Rights - Supporting the process of improvement of social rights for young people in Europe

During its work plan, the Youth Social Rights Network produced these videos. The second video "ENTERtainment-Bring Social Rights to Our Local Agendas" contains interviews done during an international activity which took place between 27 April and 1 May 2017 in Surami, Georgia. This was the first activity of the work plan developed by the Youth Social Rights Network "Cinema of Social Rights". The aim of the work plan is to improve access to social rights of young people by advocating for placing the implementation of Recommendation CM/Rec(2015)3 on the agenda of different stakeholders in Council of Europe member states.




Arm Active Youth Center: Boosting civic participation
Video animations created by the participants of the pilot activity "Boosting Civic Participation 2", which took place on 3-10 April 2017 in Dilijan, Armenia, aiming at raising awareness about the importance of civic engagement among young people.


DEVELOPMENT CENTER PANGEYA ULTIMA: Tosoco school of a young activist

This video shows what participants did during the pilot activity TOSOCO (Tolerance, Solidarity, Competence) School of a young activist in March 2017, whose focus was tolerance, learning basic human rights connected with social, gender, ethnic, equality, solidarity.

The following video contains interviews with participants in this activity. Subtitled in English.




EDUKATIVNI CENTAR KRUSEVAC: Taking Action Against Gender-Based Violence

Short videos done during the activity "Taking Action Against Gender-Based Violence" in Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia (March/April 2017).




Video tutorials created during the activity "Demasculinisation of Politics" within the framework of a 2017 work plan implemented by the Federation of Young European Greens. In the videos, participants simulate a TV news show.


GEORGIAN SCHOOL STUDENTS UNIONS ALLIANCE (GSSUA): Training course Power of peer education with Compasito (Georgia, Surami)

This video shows key moments of the pilot activity "Power of Peer Education with Compasito" organised in May 2017 by the youth NGO Georgian School Students Unions Alliance (GSSUA). Compasito is the Council of Europe’s Manual on Human Rights Education for Children.

MINE VAGANTI: Re-Act to avoid DiscrimHate

This video contains pictures taken during the Project "Re-Act to Avoid DiscrimHate" from 10 to 15 June 2017 in Sassari, Italy, with slides related to the activity.


European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS): Connecting Muslim-Jewish Action

Video produced during the international activity "Connecting Muslim-Jewish Action", whose aim is to improve and strengthen the Muslim-Jewish dialogue and social action projects in Europe.



CENTER ACT FOR SOCIETY: What Youth Believe - Interfaith Dialogue

Videos done during the pilot activity “What Youth Believe – Interfaith Dialogue”

The activity aims to teach young participants the general concepts of religious harmony and interfaith dialogue.

The first video shows an English subtitled theatre performance held during the activity in March 2017.

In the second video, the students of "Abdulla Keta" High School danced to convey the message of religious tolerance.




Youth of European Nationalities finalised in May 2017 the "Building bridges" Easter Seminar in Albania, which is part of its annual work plan supported by the EYF. This international activity is a compilation of a training event, networking event and a political manifestation whose aim is to build bridges between other organisations, minorities and societies.

The video contains pictures of participants during the activity.


In this video, Aleksandra and Sonja, two trainers from "A Route To Connect" project, answer questions from the Balkan trip online application form.

Balkan Study Trip as part of "A Route to Connect" project (March 2017)



CEIPES: Mandala, Meeting is art

The videos contain interviews with participants of the international activity ARTOOL MARKET - art for intercultural dialogue that took place in Palermo in March 2017 during the first phase of the Work Plan 2017, which deals with migration, integration and inclusion.

International Projects Association INPRO: Open Rzeszów

This video was produced during a pilot activity whose aim is building an open, peaceful and inclusive society among young people living in Rzeszow and its region (South-East Poland).

LEAGUE OF TOLERANCE: Play for Human Rights!

Video tutorial for building inclusive and peaceful societies using sport and non-formal education

YOUTH EXPRESS NETWORK: Shaping Europe Together

This video was produced during the last activity of the EYF-supported workplan of Youth Express Network at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg. 44 people coming from 15 different European countries and 17 youth organisations participated in a 4-day activity, whose aim was to empower them  with non-formal education methods and meet politicians to present their ideas. The main objective of the workplan is to reach an inclusive society for European young people. 



BUTTERFLY DREAMER: Bookmarking Hate Speech in Timisoara

Short movies developed by the participants during the January 2017 pilot activity "Bookmarking Hate Speech in Timisoara" including a Mannequin challenge about No Hate Speech.

Association for Civil Activism FORUM16: New Generation of Youth Leaders to Address Hate Speech

This video was produced by the youth NGO FORUM 16 within the framework of the EYF-supported pilot activity "New Generation of Youth Leaders to Address Hate Speech".

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