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Manual for facilitators in non-formal education

The manual provides essential information and practical tips for all who are involved in planning and delivering non-formal education intercultural activities on an occasional basis.

This manual is part of the endeavour of the Council of Europe's youth sector to support and develop the quality of non-formal education activities across Europe and, in doing so, contribute to further their recognition.

Available in EN and FR.

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The Council of Europe and young people: Non Formal Education

This 19-page publication of the Council of Europe explains how the organisation spearheaded the development of non-formal education, even before the term itself was coined in the 1990s. It explains the methodology and philosophy of non-formal education, how NFE has been recognized through the years and validated. It gives also some definition to explain the difference between non-formal, formal and informal learning, as well as a list of publications about this subject.

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Recommendation 1437 (2000) on non-formal education

On 24 January 2000, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted the recommendation 1437 on non-formal education.

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