Octopus 2019: Cooperation against Cybercrime 

20-22 November 2019, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France


On the agenda:



  • Online child sexual exploitation and sexual abuse: mapping responses
  • Data protection and criminal justice: what are the issues?
  • Cooperation on cybercrime and cybersecurity: from incidents response to criminal justice
  • Cybercrime, “fake news” and election interference

The Octopus Conference is part of the Cybercrime@Octopus project which is currently funded by voluntary contributions from Estonia, Hungary, Japan, Monaco, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, United Kingdom, USA and Microsoft as well as the budget of the Council of Europe.

The Octopus Conference is preceded by the plenary session of the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY) and Protocol Drafting Plenary from 18 to 20 (morning) November 2019.

NEW Lightning talks on 22 November at the closing plenary session.


T-CY Secretariat 

Alexander SEGER
Executive Secretary

Programme Manager

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