octopus conference octopus conference

Cooperation against Cybercrime

 4 - 6 December 2013, Council of Europe Strasbourg, France

On the agenda:


  • Capacity building on cybercrime
  • Safeguards and data protection: criminal justice versus national security


  •  Key developments in 2013
  •  Implementation of the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime


  •  Policies and initiatives on cybercrime of international and private sector organisations
  • Transborder access to data
  •  Protecting children against sexual exploitation
  •  International cooperation for data preservation
  • Cybercrime legislation in the Asia/Pacific region.


Octopus is open to cybercrime experts from public and private sectors and from international and non-governmental organisations but registration is required.

The Octopus Conference is part of the Global Project on Cybercrime which is currently funded by voluntary contributions from Germany, Estonia, Japan, Monaco, Romania, United Kingdom and Microsoft as well as the budget of the Council of Europe. Germany and Japan made  special contributions available for the conference.

The Octopus Conference is preceded by the plenary of the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY). Participation in the T-CY is restricted.

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