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These technical reports, presentations and resources do not necessarily reflect official positions of the Council of Europe.

Opening session

Plenary I

Challenges in 2013 - outlook 2014

Implementation of the Budapest Convention and legislative developments

Workshop 1: International initiatives

Workshop 2: Cybercrime legislation in the Asia/Pacific region

Workshop 3: Capacity building on cybercrime and electronic evidence

Workshop 4: Transborder access

  • Transborder access to data

Workshop 5: Protecting children against online sexual exploitation

Workshop 6: International cooperation: data preservation workshop for 24/7 points of contact and competent authorities for mutual assistance

Working groups

Working group 1: Cybercrime legislation in Latin America

Working group 2: Updating Electronic Evidence Guide and training materials

  • Introductory course for judges and prosecutors
  • Advanced course for judges and prosecutors
  • Electronic Evidence Guide
  • 1st Responder Course

Working group 3: GLACY Project planning

Plenary II:

Safeguards: criminal justice versus national security

Cybercrime in 2020

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