iPROCEEDS: Investigative techniques for deployment of undercover agents in the online environment

Bucharest, Romania , 

Cybercrime keeps evolving in terms of volume, complexity and impact and one of the major threats of the twenty-first century is the expansion of serious and trans-border crimes. If the crime happens online, the traditional undercover operation is unable to find its efficiency and scope. To respond to nowadays crime effectively law enforcement authorities need to adapt their investigative means and use specific investigative techniques in the online environment, including deployment of undercover agents to elucidate the multifaceted investigations.

In the framework of the Joint Project of the European Union and the Council of Europe - iPROCEEDS, in cooperation with SELEC, a 4-day intensive training is run on online undercover investigations, from 17 to 20 September 2019 in Bucharest, Romania.

During one week, law enforcement officers from 11 countries from the South-eastern Europe and Turkey, including Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Moldova and Romania, will get familiar with basic and general directions on the covert online deployment of a law enforcement agent and will enhance the knowledge on technical, legal and operational aspects.

The training envisages two days of case exercise and will involve major themes as:

  • Communication Platforms (Social Media, Encryption, PGP, Chat/instant messaging);
  • Principles for undercover online operations;
  • Investigator’s profile;
  • Preparation of an undercover operation;
  • OSINT;
  • Online Underground Investigations;
  • Use of Darknet and virtual currencies in undercover online operations.