Heritage should be part of official school curriculum or an extracurricular activity and provide relevant skills based on a multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach. Heritage education helps to develop a better understanding and respect of our living environment, ourselves and the others.

 Recommended courses of action for K1

  • Adapt school syllabuses
  • Train teachers, instructors, etc.
  • Establish a dialogue between the education sector and the departments responsible for heritage, museums, archives, libraries, etc.
  • Initiate cross-disciplinary educational projects which include heritage
  • Promote co-operation with associations, history societies, etc.
  • Develop outside activities: visits, trips, interviews, documentaries
  • Invite heritage specialists to schools
  • Make digital heritage-related information more open, more accessible and more user-friendly
  • Support programmes organised by museum professionals, taking place in museums

 Good practices for K1