The heritage sector needs generalists and specialists in cutting-edge fields in order to ensure excellence. Updating knowledge and skills require lifelong training to adapt to development and new needs.

 Recommended courses of action for K5

  • Provide information on existing systems and incentives, at national and European level
  • Evaluate: carry out an analysis and put forward proposed improvements to the training of professionals
  • Ensure the sustainability of appropriate measures
  • Support the widespread use of personal training accounts
  • Enhance co-operation between universities, schools and training centres
  • Ensure co-ordination between training systems and professional networks
  • Organise in-house training sessions with support from experts (thematic, technical and specific matters, current situation, interdisciplinary or intersectoral dialogue, etc.)
  • Introduce grants for professionals
  • Take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Erasmus + programme
  • Support exchanges of good practices and mobility, both national and international: apprentices, young professionals, lifelong training
  • Support mentoring in Europe

 Good practices for K5