Multidisciplinary research is needed at national and European level to satisfy the increasingly more complex demand for sustainable transmission to future generations. It should reflect the realities and needs of the sector, while ensuring that the independence of academic research is preserved. The results must be disseminated, shared and discussed.

 Recommended courses of action for K9

  • Identify relevant leads for these research studies and topics (top-down and bottom-up approaches)
  • Encourage an interdisciplinary and international approach to heritage
  • Study how heritage can help meet the needs of other sectors
  • Disseminate the results of studies and research to professionals, decision makers and users
  • Evaluate and ensure the sustainability of studies and research
  • Introduce thematic study programmes in several regions
  • Develop outreach programmes (lectures, courses, radio and television programmes, publications for specific readerships, etc.)
  • Open research centres to the public
  • Organise public meetings between professionals, researchers and users (heritage issues and debates)
  • Highlight topics linking the disciplines (sciences and heritage, innovation and heritage)
  • Support network-based European and international research co-operation

 Good practices for K9