Eurimages is the cultural support fund of the Council of Europe. Established in 1989, it currently numbers 39 of the 47 member states of the Strasbourg-based Organisation, plus Argentina and Canada as associate members.

Eurimages promotes the European audiovisual industry by providing financial support to feature films, animations and documentaries produced as co-productions. In doing so, it encourages co-operation between professionals established in different countries.

Eurimages has a total annual budget of approximately €27.5 million. This financial envelope derives essentially from the contributions of the member states as well as returns on the loans granted by the Fund.

The Board of Management, under the authority of its President, defines the policy of the Fund and takes decisions on support. It meets four times a year and is composed of representatives of the Fund's member states.

The Secretariat of Eurimages is responsible for implementing the decisions taken by the Board of Management. It maintains contacts with cinema professionals and has the task of assessing applications for funding as well as ensuring the follow-up of support agreements. The Secretariat is based in Strasbourg under the authority of its Executive Director.

Eurimages has four support schemes:

  • film co-production,
  • exhibition
  • promotion and
  • gender equality

There are four calls per year for film co-production support. The Secretariat applies the eligibility criteria contained in the regulations and reports to the Board of Management. Projects declared eligible by the Secretariat are then evaluated by the Board of Management, which avails itself of the artistic expertise of independent professional script readers. In taking its decisions on the support it grants, the Board of Management applies selection criteria contained in the regulations.

Eurimages' support takes the form of soft loans (co-production support) or subsidies (exhibition, promotion and gender equality). Soft loans are repaid on the basis of revenues generated by the projects supported.


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