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Country visit

Armenia’s new government should place human rights at the centre of its policies

24/09/18 Strasbourg

“Armenia’s peaceful transfer of power in May 2018 has been truly remarkable. However, popular expectations are high that there will be tangible improvements to people’s lives, and the government should devote its attention to upholding the long-neglected rights of those who are most vulnerable”,...

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Commissioner’s message for the Pride Forum Serbia 2018

15/09/2018 Strasbourg

The Commissioner addressed the Pride Forum Serbia 2018 in Belgrade today via video message. Download the speech CommDH/Speech(2018)8_EN as pdf Watch the video on Youtube Dear friends, It is a pleasure for me to participate in the opening of your event through this video. The protection and...

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States should invest more efforts in combating homophobia and transphobia

16/05/2018 Strasbourg

The past year has been a difficult one for gay, lesbian and transgender people in Europe. In 2017, there were shocking reports of targeted persecutions by law enforcement authorities on the basis of people’s (real or perceived) sexual orientation and gender identity. For example, in Chechnya,...

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Commissioner urges Azerbaijan to investigate allegations of human rights violations of LGBT persons recently arrested and detained in Baku

16/10/2017 Strasbourg

Today the Commissioner published a letter sent on 9 October to Ramil Usubov, Minister of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan, in which he calls for thorough investigations into serious allegations of human rights violations of LGBT persons recently arrested and detained in Baku. “Arrests based wholly...

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On IDAHOT 2017, Commissioner calls for equal rights for LGBT families

17/05/2017 Strasbourg

The theme of this year’s International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia is “Families”. On this occasion, Commissioner Muižnieks gave an interview in which he calls upon all member states of the Council of Europe to provide legal recognition for same-sex partnerships “as a matter...

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Joint statement

Embrace diversity and protect trans and gender diverse children and adolescents

16/05/2017 Geneva / Banjul / Strasbourg / Washington

Speaking ahead of the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia on 17 May, a group of United Nations and international human rights experts* urge States and other stakeholders to protect trans and gender diverse** children and adolescents effectively from discrimination,...

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Country visit

Monaco must consolidate the progress achieved in protecting the rights of children, people with disabilities and LGBTI persons

20/01/2017 Strasbourg

“Monaco has made significant progress in recent years in the protection of human rights. However, this progress must be consolidated by further improving protection of the rights of the most vulnerable, such as children, people with disabilities and LGBTI persons, and by strengthening the...

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Country visit report

Latvia urged to ensure gender equality and foster an inclusive society

13/12/2016 Strasbourg

“Latvia has achieved considerable progress in adopting legislation and policies which comply with human rights standards, but the authorities must engage in more sustained efforts to bridge the remaining gaps, in particular those which still hinder gender equality and more effective protection...

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Visit to Greece

Greece: progress in combating racism, but concerns remain about the impact of austerity

08/07/2016 Athens

“I welcome the government’s efforts to combat racism and homophobia in Greece. The 2014 anti-racism law has consolidated the legislative framework and provided useful tools to prosecutors and police officers. However, much more is needed in order to bring this law to life and to further enhance...

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Country visit report

Slovakia: Roma, LGBTI persons, and persons with disabilities need more protection

13/10/2015 Strasbourg

Read the report “Slovakia has to step up its efforts aimed at combating and eradicating discrimination in law and practice, and take effective measures to improve the protection of Roma, persons with disabilities and LGBTI persons,” said today Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for...

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Country visit report

Serbia: Impunity for war crimes, discrimination and lack of media freedom hamper human rights progress

08/07/2015 Strasbourg

Read the report “Serbia has to show more resolve in addressing the legacy of the past, to improve the fight against discrimination and to establish a safer media environment” said Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, while releasing the report based on his visit to the...

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Visit to Slovak Republic

Slovakia should set ambitious targets for the social inclusion of Roma and persons with disabilities

19/06/2015 Bratislava

“Although Slovakia has taken important measures to advance its human rights agenda, much more ambitious targets need to be set for eradicating the social exclusion and marginalisation of Roma and persons with disabilities. Also much more should be done to reinforce the effectiveness of the...

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Publication of an issue paper

Europe disregards intersex people’s right to self-determination and physical integrity

12/05/2015 Strasbourg

“Europeans remain largely unaware of the painful personal histories of intersex people and the human rights violations they face. Stereotypes and norms grounded on the binary female-male classification have led to unnecessary medical and surgical interventions on intersex infants and a climate of...

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Visit to France

France must keep its promises concerning equality

26/09/2014 Paris

“Despite efforts to implement the principle of equality in France, many forms of discrimination remain and show that a number of the Republic’s major undertakings are still to be honoured in this vital area for social cohesion and human rights”, said the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human...

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Legal recognition of LGBTI families

25/10/2013 - 11:00 Strasbourg

In a video message at the ILGA-Europe Annual Conference "Family matters! Reaching out to hearts and minds" in Zagreb, Croatia, the Commissioner urged all European countries to give equal legal recognition to LGBTI couples and families. The European Court of Human Rights has clearly recognised...

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