Description of the project : Voces solidarias, Associacin Navarra Nuevo Futuro

"Voces solidarias (voices of solidarity)" is an Education for Development and Public Awareness program aimed to increase public awareness of development issues. The beneficiaries of the project are mainly young people across Europe, who also, will become
mediators, creating and spreading the message. As part of the project, there will be an exchange of ideas and talks with groups of young people from developing countries such as Colombia and Mxico.
In first place, following the teaching unit "Voces Solidarias" developed specifically for this program, the participants will discuss and reflect on issues such as poverty, north-south in equal relations or human rights. As the result of these activities, radio shows and radio spots
will be produced. This productions will be also allocated in a website created for this program and linked to other actions carried out in the same area by young people involved in current projects of ANNF.
In the second stage of the project, these productions will be used to increase awareness among other young people and the community in general.
Young people will have the opportunity to express themselves and to influence to equals, using audiovisuals tools like the radio and the new technologies. Experience has demonstrated that youngsters get highly motivated and involved with the use of this kind of methodology. Other advantages of the program are the improvement of working group skills, generation of knowledge through learning and investigation, work with new technologies... * *

Beneficiaries : children and young people

Language : it will depend on the country where the action takes place.
The teaching unit will be adapted to every language and particular context.

Sphere of action : formal and no formal education

Objectives :

* To increase public awareness of global interdependencies between the European Union and developing countries and to change attitudes of the issues and difficulties that developing countries and their peoples are facing.**

* To generate knowledge, promote and improve understanding about poverty, social exclusion, human rights and other related issues.

* To promote education for development in no formal contexts

* To create a space where young people with different backgrounds can exchange ideas on development issues and generate knowledge through discussion and investigation

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