Pompidou Group - Co-operation Group to Combat Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Drugs

15th Ministerial Conference of the Pompidou Group

France elected as the new chair of the Pompidou Group

Ministers and representatives from Pompidou Group member States, Mediterranean non member States and other international organisations met on 3 and 4 November in Strasbourg to debate current policy approaches and decide on the Pompidou Group work programme for 2011-2014. France represented by Etienne Apaire, President of the inter-ministerial mission against drug abuse (MILDT) was elected as the new presidency of the Group. The conference also saw the accession of new members to the Pompidou Group: Serbia and “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.” The conference held a debate on "Drug-related risks at the work place", "Early intervention" and supply reduction in this context. The three winning projects of the 2010 European Drug Prevention Prize - a Belgian, a Spanish and a British project- were also announced.

suite Final Declaration
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suite Statement by Professor Dr. Vladimir Popovski, Deputy Minister of Health, on behalf of the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers
suite Welcome speech of the Secretary General Thorbøjrn Jagland

Session 1

suite Supply reduction in the context of coherent policies on licit and illicit drugs by Viktor Ivanov, Chairman of the State Anti-Narcotics Committee and Director of the Federal Drug Control Service (Russian Federation)
suite Conclusions of Permanent Correspondants by Piotr Jablonski (Poland)

Session 2

suite Drug-related risks at the workplace by Giovanni Serpelloni, Head of Department for Anti-drug Policies (Italy)
suite Early intervention by Euripides L. Evrivades, Permanent Representative (Cyprus)
suite Towards a coherent policy on psychoactive substances by Zsolt Demetrovics, Head of Delegation (Hungary)
suite Early intervention by Alojz Nociar, Head of Delegation (Slovakia)
suite Towards a coherent policy on psychoactive substances and Early Intervention by Andrea Arz de Falco, Head of Delegation (Switzerland)

Session 3 - Statements on national drug policy developments

suite Carlo Giovanardi, Under-Secretary of State of Family, Drugs and Civil Service (Italy)
suite Ioan Nicolae Cabulea, Under-Secretary of State (Romania)
suite Radek John, Minister of the Interior (Czech Republic)
suite Dubravko Klarić, Head of Delegation (Croatia)
suite Alojz Nociar, Head of Delegation (Slovakia)
suite Damjan Bergant, Head of Delegation, Ambassador and Permanent Representative (Slovenia)
suite Aldo Giordano, Permanent Observer (Holy See)
suite Messaoud Boufercha, Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice (Algeria)
suite Jallal Toufiq, Representative of Ministry of Health (Morocco)
suite Carlos Holmes Trujillo, Ambassador (Columbia)


suite Achievements & Results 2007-2010 (P-PG-MinConf(2010)1)
suite Summary of the Results & Achievements of the Pompidou Group between 2007 and 2010 (P-PG-MinConf(2010)2)
suite The Pompidou Group: Mission, Organisation, Governance & Working Methods (P-PG-MinConf(2010)4)


suite Ethical questions raised by immunotherapy of addiction - the example of the "vaccine" against cocaine (P-PG-Ethics(2010)11)
suite Drug testing at school and in the workplace (P-PG-Ethics(2008)5)
suite Evaluation of drug prevention activities - Theory and practice by Alfred Uhl, Richard Ives and the members of the Prevention Platform of the Pompidou Group (P-PG-Prev(2010)6)
suite Lifestyles and drugs - prevention interventions in recreational settings by Amador Calafat and the members of the Prevention Platform of the Pompidou Group (P-PG-Prev(2010)7)
suite Research and policy - examples of the interaction between researchers and policy-makers from 16 countries (P-PG-Res(2009)9Rev1)
suite European drug prevention prize - overview of projects submitted in 2004 - 2006 - 2008 - 2010  (P-PG-Prev-PP(2010)4)