Peace Bag - Fundació Catalunya Voluntària

A practical guide to mainstreaming peace education and intercultural dialogue in youth work with particular emphasis on EuroMed joint projects. The toolkit is divided in five parts. The last section presents several activities, ranging from ice-breakers to role-plays, aimed at tackling a wide array of topics:  leadership, inequality, identity, conflict analysis, religion, gender equality, minorities and human rights among others.

Partners for Peace - United Network of Young Peacebuilders (2009)

Tool for youth NGOs that want to develop joint projects on peace-building. It describes the project management cycle, gives tips and suggestions on setting up the project team, finding participants, booking venue and flights, evaluation and follow-up. A list of potential problems during  the implementation and evaluation phases as well as suggestions to deal with them is given. Samples of useful documents (such as timeline) are given.

Pacman guide, Paths to Alternative Consumption - Fair Trade Hellas

Concise and practical guide on ethical and responsible consumption.  It explores the notions of fair trade; ethical consumption; responsible consumption and conscious consumerism. A practical section devoted to examples of sustainable lifestyles follows the theoretical section. . Awareness raising, advocacy campaigning and educational activities, approaches and activities are  presented.

Upcycling - Youth and Environment Europe

Tool for individuals and organisations looking for ideas on how to reuse and recycle materials. It is organised in two sections: the first part provides background information about upcycling, including tips on how everyone can make a contribution. The second part presents concrete ideas on how to reuse materials such as paper, plastic, glass, carton, clothes and metal.

IGLYO on Gender - International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Youth and Student Organization

Tool for those interested in getting information about gender-related issues through the LGBTQ perspective. This booklet collects 7 articles on a variety of topics such as: body image; gendered childhood; how gender is reflected in spoken language; and how gender identity is displayed.


IGLYO on Online Hate Speech - International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Youth and Stduent Organization

The publication investigates the differences between hate speech and offensive speech. It also collects testimonies on online hate speech in Norway and Italy. Information about the Council of Europe No Hate Speech Movement is also provided.


Tools produced by the participants at the EYF (Re)generation seminar:

  • Partnership video and document: explain what kind of partnerships youth NGOs can look for at local level.
  • Ready to apply? The checklist helps NGOs prepare an online grant application.

Skillsharing Portal - European Youth for Action

The publication collects a  wide range of tools about direct actions, planning projects and defining a strategy, theatre of oppressed. Additional material is available on the website



Young and Green Peace - A global report on youth and peace and environmental sustainability - UNOY Peacebuilders

This toolkit is a useful starting point for those interested in  exploring the inter-connection between environmental sustainability and peacebuilding with an emphasis on involving young people. Concrete examples of best practices or problems faced by young people when it comes to environmental sustainability are presented and some recommendations on future steps are also given.

Steps towards social entrepreneurship - Youth for Exchange and Understanding

The publication has been created by the participants of an international activity on the development of social entreprenurship skills to support young people's autonomy and fight discrimination. After giving a definition of social entrepreneurship, the guide defines the main elements of a social enterprise, the skills and role of the social entrepreneur and the steps to establish a successful social entreprise. Examples of successful social entreprises and entrepreneurs are given and some of the action plans created by participants of the activity are presented together with suggestions on how to fund new projects.

Social Impact Measurement - Case study: 'All alien! Step 1 Training Course and its Social Return on Investment" - Don Bosco Youth-Net

The handbook aims to be a resource for other organisations in order to identify proper methods and tools to measure the impact of their activity and to make comparisons over time. After giving precise definitions of the main terms, a base for analysis is presented and models to assess impact are presented. The last part is devoted to a practical case study as the organisation calculates the impact and the social return on investment of an international meeting.

Rainbow Resources - Compasito Companion on Sexuality and Gender - International Falcon Movement Socialist Educational International

The handbook is the second edition. The publication is divided in two parts: a first part giving the theoretical framework on child development; non-formal education; learning sytles and definition of main terms. The second part collects methods to work with children and young people on sexual and gender issues. The methods, which are energizers and activities, are divided into 3 categories which are: identity and being; families and relationships; and bullying and discrimination. A glossary is also provided. The resource is availabe in English, German, Spanish and Lithuanian.


The documents contain information provided by youth NGOs submitting grant applications to the European Youth Foundation and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the Council of Europe.