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For many years, Eurimages has associated itself to the CREATIVE EUROPE MEDIA Programme to particpate in the main European film markets which are held during the Festivals of Berlin and Cannes.

Thus, Eurimages disposes of a “corner” of the stand of the CREATIVE EUROPE MEDIA programme to welcome professionals from the European Cinematographic Industry during the entire length of these events.

The Eurimages Fund collaborates with the Co-Production Market in Berlin and with the Producers’ Network in Cannes to organise a cocktail during these two important festivals.

Websites of the Festivals of Cannes and Berlin

"Etoiles et Toiles du Cinéma Européen" and Istanbul Film Festival

Eurimages in partnership with the Directorate of Communication of the Council of Europe supports two European cinematographic initiatives:

  • The annual "Etoiles et Toiles du Cinéma Européen" festival organised at Strasbourg’s Odyssée cinema and
  • The FACE Award presented at the Istanbul Film Festival.


In 2009, the "Rencontres Cinématographiques d’Alsace" represented by Mr Faruk Günaltay organised the 10th edition of the event "Etoiles et Toiles du Cinéma Européen" with the programming of more than ten films supported by Eurimages.

Two Odyssée–Council of Europe prizes – one for "Artistic Creation" and the other for the best work in the "Human Rights" category – close this annual event which is held in the Autumn. The Jury is composed of ambassadors, Permanent Representatives of their countries to the Council of Europe, and members of the Organisation’s General Secretariat including the Executive Director of the Eurimages Fund. These prizes are presented by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe or his deputy and by the President of the Eurimages Fund. Several evening screenings combined with debates and the participation of film directors, producers and actors and actresses are organised for this event. Link to the Odyssée website.

Since 2007 the Council of Europe has sponsored a prestigious film award at the Istanbul Film Festival (FACE) given to the film that best reflects the Council of Europe’s values for the respect for human rights, individual freedom, political liberty and the rule of law. Awarded as part of the Human Rights in Cinema section of the festival, this prize includes a sculpture in bronze and a cash prize of 10,000 euros partly financed by Eurimages (50%). A member of Eurimages’ Board of Management and/or Secretariat has a seat on the Jury.

Link to the Festival's website

Seville European Film Festival

Eurimages and the Seville European Film Festival have been co-operating since 2005 in order to increase public awareness of European quality films and to promote a dialogue between new talents and established film makers. With this in mind, the Festival of Seville organises each year a section of more than ten films supported by the Eurimages Fund. A jury composed of European cinema professionals, awards the Eurimages Prize of a value of 15,000 euros, for the support of the distribution of the prize-winning film in Spain.
The Executive Director or his deputy and/or President of Eurimages participate in the opening and/or closing ceremonies of the Festival.

Link to the Festival's website


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