The Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education is a key policy document adopted by the Committee of Ministers in the framework of the Recommendation CM/Rec(2010)7.

The Charter provides the member states with definitions for education for democratic citizenship and human rights education, as well with policy guidelines on how to implement national policies and programmes. It highlights the role of human rights education in response to threats raised by violence, racism, extremism, xenophobia, discrimination and intolerance and its contribution to the development of a human rights culture in Europe.

The Charter explicitly recognises the contribution of civil society, and especially youth organisations to the development of human rights education and encourages all state actors (from governments to schools) to cooperate and support the actions, programmes and projects stemming from civil society.

The Education and Youth Departments of the Council of Europe run every 5 years a review of the implementation of the Charter in the member states by consulting with both governments and civil society. The aim of the review is to measure progress of implementation and highlight good practices, explore challenges and inform support policy and programme measures.