Just before We Go Social, here are a few words about the #HREYF16

Between 05-07 October 2016, the Council of Europe’s Human Rights Education Youth Programme will organize its 3rd Human Rights Education Youth Forum “Learning Equality, Living Dignity.”
The 3rd Human Rights Education Youth Forum aims at strengthening the quality, recognition and outreach of human rights education with young people.
The Forum will take place over three working days bringing together some 120 participants, experts and stakeholders in human rights education from all over Europe and beyond.

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  • "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights." #humanrights4All #HREYF16 #Article1 #humanrights
  • The #HREYF16 aims at strengthening the quality, recognition and outreach of #humanrights education with #youngpeople. Follow @Act4HRE!

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Check out the newly-launched website: http://bit.ly/HREYF16programme | @coe #humanrights

Between 05-07 Oct #HREYF16 will bring together 120 #youngpeople, #humanrights experts & other stakeholders to speak & act about #humanrights.

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