The Council of Europe and the European Union celebrate Europe Day respectively on 5 May, date that marks the anniversary of the founding of the Council of Europe and 9 May, commemoration of the Schuman declaration which is considered the initial step in the creation of what today is the European Union.

The Council of Europe’s Venice Office, in collaboration with the European Parliament Information Office in Milan, the European Commission Representation in Italy, the Municipality of Venice, the Europe Direct Information Centre, and various local partners, has been organizing a series of events to celebrate Europe Days since 2013.

A different theme is explored and analysed year after year through some recurring activities. The series of debates “Caffè dell’Europa”, organised in collaboration with historic coffee houses of St. Mark’s square, aim to involve citizens in discussions about European topics such as the future of Europe or the rights and responsibilities inherent in European citizenship. Photographic exhibitions, among which the one on the founding mothers and fathers of the European Union stands out, always accompany Europe Days and are a way to celebrate and reflect on the past. Other events and activities include screenings, conferences and book presentations.


The themes proposed in the past editions were:


  1. Rights and responsibilities inherent in European citizenship, Europe Days 2013.

  2. European citizenship: Identity and participation, Europe Days 2014.

  3. The European Union between past and future, Europe Days 2015.

  4. European citizens: united in diversity, Europe Days 2016.

  5. The challenges and the future of Europe, Europe Days 2017.

  6. European cultural heritage for the citizens, Europe Days 2018.