International Conference on the Council of Europe Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society

Venice, 1 and 2 March 2013


In conjunction with the Italian signature of the Council of Europe Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage (Faro Convention), the Council of Europe’s Venice Office promoted an international conference which was held at Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana on 2 March. The event was organized in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Veneto Region and the Municipality of Venice.

The aim of the conference was to identify specific and innovative ways to implement the Convention. Discussions centred around the right to cultural heritage and democratic participation in managing it. 

The debate revolved around the following questions: Which new forms of participation to cultural heritage and its conservation should be offered to European citizens? Which are the rights and responsibilities of Venetians when preserving and promoting local cultural heritage are concerned? What kind of cultural heritage are we leaving to future generations? Can artistry be the pivot of cultural revival and economic recovery at the local level? Can Venice expand the cultural and touristic demand through novel initiatives? What is an heritage community? Would a Venice heritage commission be useful?

Presenting Venice as a candidate to become one of the cities where to test how local authorities and civil society interact with the Convention and its implementation has been one of the major results on the conference.

In the context of the international conference, the Faro Venezia Association organized three heritage walks. The first one took place on 1 March and led the participants to the iconic places of artistic production in Venice. The second and third walk, which took both place on 3 March, focused on the promotion of the industrial textile heritage of the city and the appreciation of its multi-faith character.