headline Treviso 10 June 2022
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Celebrates the shared heritage linked to the identity of the Veneto region

On 10 June the conference "Heritage communities, between talking and doing" was held in Treviso by the cultural association Tarvisium Gioiosa in collaboration with the Council of Europe – Venice Office and the association “Veneti schiacciati dalla crisi”.

The Treviso Symposium provided a valuable contribution to knowledge, enhancement, and implementation of the "Framework Convention of the Council of Europe on the value of cultural heritage for society", also known as Faro Convention.

Through the involvement and collaboration of civil society, heritage communities and professionals, it contributed to disseminating the principles of the Convention to start or support new communities.

During the event “Cities having fun” (10-12 June), Villa Manfrin-Margherita in Treviso, a place wich had been closed to the public for a long time, become again a meeting point for all citizens, adults as well as children.