venice- 9 april 2018 venice- 9 april 2018
Venice 09 April 2018
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Faro Convention lands in Venice

On 9 April 2018, the Venice Office with Ca’ Foscari University Interdepartmental Human Rights Research Centre and the Faro Venice Association organised the Conference "Faro Convention and heritage communities”.

In a day of presentations and debates about the convention and cultural heritage enhancement, national and international speakers spoke of how cities can be revitalised thanks to local heritage communities and their activities.

The morning interventions focused on the text of the Faro Convention, its meaning and its national and international implementation. In the afternoon session, speakers concentrated on practical examples coming from small municipalities such as Fontecchio (AQ) and Arzergrande (PD), as well as European cities like Marseille and the village of Viscri in Romania. Venetian realities were also presented, such as the Old and  New Lazaret, San Felice  Fort in Chioggia. The importance of safeguarding traditional crafts and activities linked to the production of the gondolas, the iconic Venetian rowing boat, were highlighted.