The Italian Office of the Council of Europe cooperates throughout the year with numerous cultural associations and coordinates heritage walks and other initiatives at sites of significant cultural value throughout Italy.

The activity intensifies during European Heritage Days, the most widely attended cultural events in Europe. Promoted since 1991 by the Council of Europe and the European Commission, their aim is to raise awareness of our shared cultural heritage and to encourage active citizens’ participation in its protection and transmission to new generations.

This year's theme is "Heritage All-Inclusive!", where the aspect of inclusiveness and diversity in the heritage experience will be emphasised.

Heritage walks are thematic routes through which inhabitants rediscover places, traditions, monuments as part of the cultural heritage of their community, not only because of the artistic and architectural value of the sites and their historical significance, but also for their importance in the conduct of daily life and activities. During the walk, participants have the opportunity to meet people who live in or have a relationship with the area visited, the so-called "witnesses".