Inter-city grants 2022: congratulation to the selected cities!

Strasbourg, France 11 May 2022
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Inter-city grants 2022: congratulation to the selected cities!

For the third time the Intercultural Cities programme has launched the inter-city grants’ scheme for member cities of the international and national networks. The grants aim to support local innovative projects and methodologies promoting equality, the diversity advantage, and meaningful intercultural interactions in diverse societies. As in the past years, projects involving joint actions of cities have been prioritised with the view to enable peer learning, cross-border or national cooperation across local authorities. The projects aim to test solutions and strategies which can be applied widely across the ICC network in common areas of concern.

The ICC programme wishes to thank all the cities that applied to the grants’ scheme and congratulate the following cities:

  • Loures and Lisbon (Portugal)
    The cities, together with the RPCI (Portuguese Network of Intercultural Cities), will map and promote sharing of practices on labour market inclusion from existing employment networks (with an emphasis on the groups facing multiple discriminations such as people of migrant and minority origins) with the view to reinforce their employability strategies. The cities will deliver one ‘best practice’ guide, and an inclusive Employment Guide which will be also translated into Ukrainian.
  • Vila Verde, Santa Maria da Feira and Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal)
    Participating cities, with the support of RPCI, will run “Welcoming Ukrainians”. The project’s aim is to elaborate and test a set of joint welcoming tools (a local welcoming guide; translation into Ukrainian of the existing RPCI welcoming app “Portugal Incoming”; development of a guide with policy recommendations to share best practices; a podcast episode with interviews of refugees’ representatives) to facilitate the inclusion of Ukrainians and other groups of persons with refugee background in the host cities.
  • Fuenlabrada and Castellón de la Plana (Spain)
    The cities will implement the project “Un viaje artísticamente necesario” designed to promote new narratives inspired on the Travel booklet for the Intercultural City #anecessaryjourney. This was edited in 2021 by the RECI (Spanish network of intercultural cities) with support of the ICC programme. The project will target young people with the view to promote their critical thinking and analyse the existing social discourse from an intercultural lens. The youth will then work at producing adapted alternative narratives to be disseminated around through artistic performances.
  • Pontedera and Olbia (Italy)
    The cities will set up the project ‘’New Generations on the Wave’’ aiming to valuing the contribution of young people with a migrant background to the public debate. The general objective of the project is to increase active participation of new generations in the public debate within participating cities. This will be done by: creating spaces for discussion and participation for young people at the local level; empowering youth to develop their skills to advocate for their needs and present solutions at the public and community level; and to raise their voices through the organization of events, cultural products or initiatives. The project will further encourage public authorities to develop local policies that take into account the complexities of intercultural relations.
  • Etterbeek (Belgium)
    The city will implement the project “Carrefour des Régions” aiming to enable residents from different origins living in Etterbeek to showcase their knowledge, cultures and projects via various socio-cultural actions designed by and for the inhabitants. The project will contribute to the creation of a more cohesive local community, a better reception of foreigners and will strengthen the existing local and regional networks, through the setting up of an inter-municipal working group.

Congratulations to the projects - we look forward to the next steps!

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