The internet and digital technology have brought the world to our fingertips, information and knowledge but a click away. The abundance of sources, however, does not guarantee a richer, more diverse information diet.

In the flood of sensationalist and manipulative messages we need quality journalism more than ever. We need its commitment to accuracy and reliability to help us navigate the public debate and make informed choices. We need its pursuit of the public interest and accountability to hold powers to account. We need it to restore public confidence and trust in the media. Yet quality journalism has been hard hit by the economic changes in the media sector.

How do we ensure sustainability of quality news and how do we highlight its benefits to the media-fatigued public?

What responsibilities should be borne by individual media stakeholders including online platforms, by educators, regulators and self-regulators, by the civil society and academia?

We invite you to explore these questions at the conference co-organised by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Council of Europe. The event will take place on 28-29 November in the National Gallery of Slovenia in Ljubljana.

It will provide an insight into the reality of news production, on the applicable standards and ways to operationalize them, and on ideas for future policies and support to strengthen independent and quality journalism.

Why quality journalism matters?
Patrick Penninckx
Tanja Kerševan Smokvina
Tarlach McGonagle