22 November 2022, Vilnius, Lithuania

The indicated time refers to the Vilnius time zone (CET+1)

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Public Service Media’s (PSM) key role for democratic societies and contribution to freedom of expression and information has long been recognised by the Council of Europe and has been solidified with a set of standards covering remit, governance and funding.  The need for independent PSM has again become a strong evidence during the pandemic and in times of war. However, PSM’s sustainability and independence is challenged in an increasing number of countries.

Join us to:

  • discuss how PSM do their job in times of crisis
  • learn about Council of Europe PSM standards and practice:
  • hear case studies illustrating problem areas for PSM to fulfil their democratic role
  • discover best practice examples where PSM contribute to stronger public debate and democracy
  • discuss how to ensure a renewed commitment for independent PSM in democratic societies

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