BeSafeNet Olympiad Award Ceremony

27 September 2022 Strasbourg

The Award Ceremony was held at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg on 27 September to celebrate the winning performances of the laureates of the 2022 BeSafeNet Olympiad. The three teams from Secondary schools in the EUR-OPA members states: team Minelescu GEOsmart, Romania (1st), team Iliosporoi,...

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BeSafeNet 2022 Olympiad Results!

18 March 2022 Europe

Team Minulescu GEOsmart from National College “Ion Minulescu”, Romania has won the BeSafeNet 2022 Olympiad. Team Iliosporoi from Geitonas School, Greece and team Zamolxis from Colegiul Economic Delta Dunarii, Romania came second and third. A total of 212 teams from 122 secondary schools in 11...

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BeSafeNet 2022 Olympiad

18 Feb 2022 Online

Secondary schools from the member States of the European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement (EUR-OPA) will take part in the fourth international "Olympiad" which is an online competition on “Better knowledge against disasters” scheduled for 18 February 2022 at 09.00 CET. More than 200...

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BeSafeNet 2021 Olympiad Award Ceremony

26 May 2021 Videoconference

The BeSafeNet 2021 Olympiad Award Ceremony was held via videoconference on Wednesday 26 May. The top three teams were Terra Blue, "Gheorghe Lazar" National College, Bucharest, Romania (1st), High School Mate Blažine, Labin, Croatia (2nd) and Detectives of Hazards, Liceul Regina Maria, Dorohoi,...

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BeSafeNet Editorial Board Meeting

11 May 2021 Strasbourg

The BeSafeNet Editorial Board met via videoconference on 11 May to review the 2021Olympiad. The Board also discussed ways to improve the Olympiad experience and update the existing content on the BeSafeNet website. The new topics for the 2022 Olympiad will be confirmed in September. One of the...

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BeSafeNet Olympiad Results are in!

8 March 2021 Online

Team Terra Blue from Gheorghe Lazar National College, Romania have emerged as winners of the 2021 BeSafeNet Olympiad. Team Labin from High School Mate Blazine, Croatia and team Detectives of Hazards from Romania came second and third. 138 teams from 12 countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia,...

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2021 Olympiad registration

Registration is now open for the 2021 Olympiad! All secondary schools in the EUR-OPA member states are invited to participate in this competition which is scheduled for 19 February 2021 at 09:00 GMT. The 2021 Olympiad will focus on 5 topics as follows: Landscape fires Chemical emergencies Sea...

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The 2020 BeSafeNet Award Ceremony

The three winning teams from Secondary schools in the EUR-OPA members states; team Teal, Greece (1st), team Knowledge Knights, Romania (2nd) and team Green Team, Bulgaria (3rd) and their teachers as well as the EUR-OPA secretariat participated in this event. The teams successfully competed...

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A new BeSafeNet leaflet

The leaflet is specifically designed with the BeSafeNet audience in mind - teachers and pupils aged 11-16. In addition to English, the leaflet is also available in French and Russian. BeSafeNet leaflet In English BeSafeNet leaflet in French BeSafeNet leaflet in Russian

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