Pre-electoral assistance to support the 2016 local elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Council of Europe is implementing an electoral assistance program for Bosnia and Herzegovina to support the local elections 2016. This action follows the previous electoral assistance programmes implemented by the Council of Europe for the 12 October 2014 general elections and was approved by the Committee of Ministers Deputies in March 2016.


What are the project objectives?

To improve the integrity, transparency and quality of the electoral process in Bosnia and Herzegovina at local level, the project aims to:

  • strengthening the capacities of the election administration at all levels;
  • enhancing participation of women  and national minorities, mainly Roma in the elections process both as voters and as candidates
  • raising awareness to promote the active participation and the inclusion of elderly people in the election process


Some examples of project activities:

  • Training on use of social media tools for female candidates
  • Training and certification of trainers for municipal and polling station election commissions of 142 municipalities
  • Publication of information brochures for elderly voters


Who are our partners?

The main partners of the project are the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina and civil society organisations working in the field of elections.

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