Strengthening the capacities of the Centre for Continuous Electoral Training (CCET)

The Council of Europe organises bilateral activities with Moldovan authorities that contribute to the consolidation of a modern, dynamic and flexible electoral training institution able to offer high quality trainings to various electoral stakeholders. The Council of Europe assists CCET in the drafting training curricula and developing a training methodology in accordance with best international practice. 


What are the project objectives?

The Project aims to enhance, through training, the capacities of national electoral bodies at all levels, in order to ensure an electoral process in line with international standards.

The Project’s main goal is to consolidate the training of various electoral stakeholders through:

  • Increasing the training capacities of the Centre;
  • Strengthening its communications strategy, maximizing the opportunities offered by new media to communicate with different elections’ stakeholders;
  • Enhancing the training skills of its staff through the conduct of training and the organisation of study visits


Who are the beneficiaries?

The beneficiaries of the Project are:

  • Electoral stakeholders involved in the conduct of elections
  • Staff of the Centre for Continuous Electoral Training by the Central Election Commission
  • Members of the Central Election Commission and representatives of other electoral bodies at all levels
  • Judges in charge of electoral disputes
  • Parliament, Government, political parties, proxies, observers, other electoral actors
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