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Plenary (Opening)

  • Opening remarks
  • Criminal justice in cyberspace: key challenges 2017/2019

Threats and responses: Is criminal justice up to the challenges?

Antonio Lopez Melgarejo (National Police of Spain) – A 1 billion EUR cyber bank robbery

Democracy under attack

15th European Conference of Electoral Management Bodies "Security in Elections"

Presentations: Alexander Seger (T-CY) | Simona Granata-Menghini (Venice Commission) | Gail Kent (Facebook)

Cybercrime and electronic evidence: threats to human rights

Workshop 1 – Evidence and jurisdiction in cyberspace: multi-stakeholder consultation on the Protocol to the Budapest Convention

  • T-CY Protocol Drafting Group
  • Discussion Guide for consultations with civil society, data protection authorities and industry [EN / FR, pdf]
  • Written comments by:

Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT), 25 June 2018 [EN, pdf]

Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi), 26 June 2018 [EN, pdf]

Global Coalition of Civil Society, 28 June 2018 [EN, pdf] and letter of support [EN, pdf]

EueoISPA proposal, June 2018 [EN, pdf]

Workshop 2 – Global state of cybercrime legislation: progress 2013 – 2018

Workshop 3 – Capacity building on cybercrime and e-evidence: what impact?

  • C-PROC Activity Report October 2016 / September 2017 [EN / FR, pdf]

Workshop 4 – WHOIS: What now?

Workshop 5 – Cyberviolence: challenges and responses

Plenary (Closing)

  • Internet of things and artificial intelligence: implications for criminal justice

CoE activities on artificial intelligence (pdf)

MSI-AUT Committee of experts on Human Rights Dimensions of automated data processing and different forms of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and data protection: Challenges and envisaged remedies [draft report] (pdf)

Safeguarding human rights in the era of artificial intelligence

Panel presentations: Rebekah Overdorf (Department of Electrical Engineering, KU Leuven, Belgium) | Claudia Peersman (Bristol Cyber Security Group, University of Bristol, UK) | Pavel Gladyshev (University College Dublin, Ireland)

  • Cybercrime and electronic evidence: threats to human rights
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