Project on Cybercrime

The aim of the project was to promote broad implementation of the Convention on Cybercrime (CETS 185) and its Protocol on Xenophobia and Racism (CETS 189) and to deliver specific results in terms of legislation, criminal justice capacities and international cooperation.

The project was launched in September 2006 and completed in February 2009.

More than 110 activities were carried out during this period ranging from legislative reviews, training workshops and global conferences to contributions to events organised by others.  The project relied on cooperation with a multitude of other stakeholders, be it national authorities, international organisations as well as the private sector and non-governmental initiatives.

The project, among other things, helped create a global momentum towards the strengthening of legislation and the implementation of the Convention on Cybercrime.

The project was possible due to voluntary contributions from Microsoft and Estonia which complemented Council of Europe funding.

Phase 1 was followed up to through the Global Project on Cybercrime (Phase 2).