GLACY+  is a Joint project of the European Union (Instrument Contributing to Peace and Stability) and the Council of Europe.

GLACY+ is intended to extend the experience of the GLACY project (2013 – 2016) and supports twelve priority and hub countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean region – Cabo Verde, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria, Philippines, Senegal, Sri Lanka and Tonga. These countries may serve as hubs to share their experience within their respective regions.


To strengthen the capacities of States worldwide to apply legislation on cybercrime and electronic evidence and enhance their abilities for effective international cooperation in this area.

  1. To promote consistent cybercrime and cybersecurity policies and strategies.
  2. To strengthen the capacity of police authorities to investigate cybercrime and engage in effective police-to-police cooperation with each other as well as with cybercrime units in Europe and other regions.
  3. To enable criminal justice authorities to apply legislation and prosecute and adjudicate cases of cybercrime and electronic evidence and engage in international cooperation.
Activities Activities

GLACY+: Workshop on Data Protection Legislation

10-14 September 2018 Calabar, Nigeria

Carried out under the GLACY+ Project notably aimed at providing advice on legislation in line with the Budapest Convention and rule of law and human rights, including data protection standards, the Residential Drafting Retreat on Data Protection Legislation in Nigeria is being held in Calabar,...

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GLACY+: Joint International Workshop for Cybercrime Investigation Units and MLA Central Authorities

27-31 August 2018 Singapore

INTERPOL, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Police Force, and with the support of the GLACY+ project, organized a joint workshop to raise awareness on the actual international cooperation instruments that are available to cybercrime investigation units. The workshop focused particularly on the...

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Vanuatu on the way to develop cybercrime legislation

20-24 August 2018 Port Vila, Vanuatu

A team of Council of Europe experts worked for four days in brainstorming sessions with officials from Vanuatu to revise and adapt the current legislation on cybercrime and electronic evidence. The working group included 15 national experts, as well as international consultants who agreed upon a...

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