GLACY+  is a Joint project of the European Union (Instrument Contributing to Peace and Stability) and the Council of Europe.

GLACY+ is intended to extend the experience of the GLACY project (2013 – 2016) and supports twelve priority and hub countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean region – Cabo Verde, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria, Philippines, Senegal, Sri Lanka and Tonga. These countries may serve as hubs to share their experience within their respective regions.


To strengthen the capacities of States worldwide to apply legislation on cybercrime and electronic evidence and enhance their abilities for effective international cooperation in this area.

  1. To promote consistent cybercrime and cybersecurity policies and strategies.
  2. To strengthen the capacity of police authorities to investigate cybercrime and engage in effective police-to-police cooperation with each other as well as with cybercrime units in Europe and other regions.
  3. To enable criminal justice authorities to apply legislation and prosecute and adjudicate cases of cybercrime and electronic evidence and engage in international cooperation.
Activities Activities

The first Meeting of the National Judicial Trainers on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence

10-12 July 2019 Strasbourg, France

Judges and prosecutors play an important role in the investigation, prosecution and adjudication of individuals or groups that have committed crimes. With the increased number of incidence where these crimes have a digital element, a need is created for judges and prosecutors to be properly...

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GLACY+: Advisory Mission on Cybercrime Legislation in FOPREL countries

1-2 July 2019 El Salvador

The XII Meeting of the Interparliamentary Commission on Citizen Security and Administration of Justice and IX Meeting of the Interparliamentary Commission on International Affairs and Regional Integration of FOPREL were organized by the Forum of Presidents of Legislative Powers of Central...

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GLACY+ at the 2nd meeting of CiberRede

25-26 June 2019 Santiago, Chile

The second meeting of CiberRede, the Ibero-American Network of Specialized Prosecutors on Cybercrime focused on discussing possible legislative gaps in the various countries in this area, departing from the international legal frameworks and the recommendations of international organizations....

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