CyberSouth is a joint project of the European Union (European Neighbourhood Instrument) and the Council of Europe. CyberSouth aims to strengthen legislation and institutional capacities on cybercrime and electronic evidence in the region of the Southern Neighbourhood in line with human rights and rule of law requirements.

Project area: Southern Neighbourhood region

Initial priority areas: Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia


  • Legislation
  • Specialised services and interagency as well as public/private cooperation
  • Judicial training
  • International cooperation
  • Strategic priorities on cybercrime and electronic evidence
Activities Activities

CyberSouth contribution to the Interpol 12th MENA Working Group on Cybercrime for Heads of Units

16-17 July 2019 Amman, Jordan

Interpol 12th MENA (Middle east and North Africa) Working Group on Cybercrime for Heads of Units was held on 16-17 July 2019 in Amman, Jordan, with the support of CyberSouth project and Public Security Department of Jordan. The meeting aimed to review the implementation of last year...

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The first Meeting of the National Judicial Trainers on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence

10-12 July 2019 Strasbourg, France

Judges and prosecutors play an important role in the investigation, prosecution and adjudication of individuals or groups that have committed crimes. With the increased number of incidence where these crimes have a digital element, a need is created for judges and prosecutors to be properly...

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CyberSouth : Steering Comittee

9 July 2019 Strasbourg, France

The third Steering Committee meeting of CyberSouth project was held on 9 July 2019 in Strasbourg, France with the participation of representatives from priority countries Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia, and partners to the project from France and Romania as well as European...

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