(Draft) Agenda

2-3 December 2014
Council of Europe, Strasbourg

1. Opening of the 12th Plenary and adoption of the agenda


Agenda 12th Plenary

2. Status of signatures, ratifications, accessions to the Budapest Convention and its Protocol

Participants are invited to discuss the status of signature, ratification or accession by specific countries.

3. Information provided by parties and observers – Tour de table


4 Dialogue with international organisations (T-CY observers)

5. Follow up to T-CY Assessment Report on the expedited preservation provisions


Assessment report

Judgment of the European Court of Justice on the Data Retention Directive

6. Assessment of Articles 31 and related Articles on international cooperation: Finalisation of the draft report and draft recommendations

T-CY(2013)04 Questionnaire on international cooperation


 Assessment report on international cooperation

7. Provisions to be assessed in the 3rd round of T-CY  assessments (2015)

8. Transborder access to data
T-CY(2013)30 TB Group final report for 2013

T-CY (2013)7 E rev

Draft Guidance Note # 3 on Transborder Access (Article 32)

T-CY(2014)16 Transborder access to data and jurisdiction: Options for further action by the T-CY

Letter of Article 29 Data Protection Working Party to the T-CY

Scenarios of the Conference on Article 15

Transborder access webpage


9. T-CY Guidance Notes


Draft Guidance Note # 8 on Spam

10. Report on subscriber information


Draft Guidance Note on subscriber information

T-CY(2014)17 Report on subscriber information

11. Model laws v. the Convention on Cybercrime

Cybercrime Model Laws : Report and presentation (Zahid Jamil, Jamil & Jamil)

12. T-CY Workplan: review of the workplan 2014/15


 Workplan for the period 1 January 2014 - 31 December 2015

13. Financial resourcing of the T-CY for 2014-15

CyberCrime@Octopus project