iPROCEEDS-2: Second round of business analyses CERT- LEA. Guidelines on sharing of data by CERTs with criminal justice authorities

Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo* , 

In the world of today, the increasing number of attacks against or by means of computer systems and data is a growing concern for cyber security professionals, affecting societies at large.

In the landscape of growing threat of cybercrime further exacerbated by COVID-19 pandemic, Computer Security Incident/Emergency Response Teams (CSIRTs/CERTs/) play an important role in preventing cyber-attacks and overall coordinate responses at national level. They may facilitate the reporting of cybercrimes, sharing of technical information on ongoing or past attacks and in securing electronic evidence. It is therefore essential that CERTs and criminal justice authorities put in place an efficient and effective collaboration mechanism, where roles, responsibilities and segregation of duties are defined and agreed upon.

To help authorities to respond to these challenges, the iPROCEEDS-2 project has organised four online workshops that served as basis for further enhancement of the existing capabilities of the two sectors and to ensure future cooperation through secured channels.

The workshops provided the perfect ground for gathering the necessary information for the development of complex guidelines on sharing of data by CERTs/CSIRTs with criminal justice authorities.

The events took place from January to April and were organised for Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo*1.

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1*This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSC 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo Declaration of Independence.