Back Mid-level managers of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia enhanced knowledge of interviewing juvenile victims and offenders

Georgia 16 February 2023
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@ Council of Europe

@ Council of Europe

Twenty managers of regional investigation units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) enhanced their skills and techniques for interviewing juvenile victims and offenders by taking part in a training session from 15 to 17 February 2023. The activity represents the first of a series of training sessions on the topic.

As a result of this activity, the capacities of the MIA investigators in implementing human-rights compliant principles of investigation and ensuring effective interviewing of juveniles have improved. Following this training, participants better understand relevant psychological aspects and  can apply a victim-centred approach, thus preventingsecondary traumatisation.

The model  of these advanced training sessions was specifically designed to provide investigators with practical knowledge, skills and interviewing technics through various role- play activities.

This activity was organised within the framework of the Council of Europe Project “Human Rights Compliant Policing in Georgia” (HRCPG), which is designed to address the issues related to effective policing in line with human rights standards, the rights of detained persons and their treatment by police, the treatment of juvenile victims and offenders as well as effective investigation into alleged ill-treatment by police and effective remedies against police misconduct.


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