A closer cooperation between police services and the Council of Europe has been identified as a priority which is now addressed with the setting up of a Network of representatives of police services of the Council of Europe member States (Police Network).

The Police Network was created by a decision of the Committee of Ministers.

The mandate of the Police Network is to strengthen the institutional link between the Council of Europe police services of its member States, and to gather a better knowledge of the police services of the member States, their organisation, their mode of operation and their internal and external control bodies, and to share that knowledge among the Network members.

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The Police Network should also encourage the sharing of experience and exchange of views as regards the fight against the various forms of crime, facilitate the sharing of good practices and innovative techniques between police officers of the member States.

The Police Network should also support the implementation by member States of existing police standards and analyse the effects of police activity on the protection of human rights in member States.

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