Through bilateral co-operation activities and projects, the Division for Cooperation in Police and Deprivation of Liberty plays a major role in assisting the beneficiary countries to integrate the Council of Europe standards in their penitentiary, probation and law enforcement institutions. The work related to prisons, probation and the police is an integral part of the overall work of the Council of Europe related to human rights, democracy and the rule of law, the three pillars of the raison d’être of the Organisation, in accordance with its Statute. The main objective is to help the Member States improve their legislation and practice related to the work of the police as well the execution of penal sanctions and measures.



Multilateral meeting "From punitive to rehabilitative approach: refocus in execution of criminal sanctions"

28 - 29 November 2023, Strasbourg



Conference of the Police Network on the use of force in the context of police activities

24 - 25 May 2023, Strasbourg



Multilateral meeting on "The COVID-19 pandemic in prisons and its impact on prison reform priorities"

3 - 4 November 2022, Strasbourg

News / Agenda (EN) (FR)


Conference "Policing in the digital age: How new technologies can help improve policing in our modern societies"

28 - 29 June 2022

News (EN) (FR) / Agenda (EN) (FR)


Conference "The role of the Police in a democratic society: European Code of Police ethics, nearly 20 years"

20 - 21 October 2020



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