Platform to enhance Security of Judicial Officials in Bosnia and Herzegovina validated by the professionals

22-23 September 2022 Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A comprehensive and multi-layered document offering analysis of the current safety and security concerns of the judges and prosecutors dealing with difficult cases, as well as proposals for their improvement was discussed in detail and adopted by the subject Working group of the High Judicial and...

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Investigators of the Special Investigation Service enhanced their knowledge on documenting injuries

26 September 2022 Georgia

20 investigators of the Special Investigation Service (SIS) enhanced their capacity on documenting medical evidence of alleged crimes, including torture and ill-treatment, during training sessions held on 22-23 September. Namely, the new staff of the investigation department increased their...

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The component on radicalisation in prisons completes with a piloting and strengthened inter-institutional coordination in North Macedonia

26 September 2022 North Macedonia

The Council of Europe activities that supported the national authorities in enhancing their capacities in addressing radicalisation in prisons and managing violent extremist prisoners (VEPs) in North Macedonia were completed this week. Namely, on 20-21 September 2022, the multi-disciplinary teams...

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Albanian prison service prepares to introduce a new programme for female offenders

23 September 2022 Albania

The reintegration programmes for female offenders in Albania will further improve through the introduction of a new treatment programme that will assist women in prison find a support at personal and social level. The programme was developed the Council of Europe’s consultants and it was...

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Slovenia hosted prison monitors from Türkiye, discussing good practices in prison monitoring

20 September 2022 Türkiye

A study visit to Slovenia, which took place on 13-15 September 2022, was an excellent forum in which a delegation from Turkiye, that consist of prison monitors, including civil monitoring boards members, public prosecutor, justice inspector, prison controllers, and Directorate General for Prison...

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Finland hosted Albanian prison officials, sharing good practices on prisoners’ employment and rehabilitation

20 September 2022 Albania

As part of the ongoing efforts of the Albanian authorities to improve education and employment opportunities for prisoners in Albania, a study visit to Finland was organized on 14 and 15 September 2022. The purpose of the visit was to observe good practices concerning prisoners’ employment and...

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Special Investigation Service discusses their 6-month report with representatives of the Public Defender’s Office and NGOs

20 September 2022 Georgia

On 20 September 2022, the managers of the Special Investigation Service (SIS) presented this institution’s 6-month activity report to the representatives of the Public Defender’s Office and civil society organisations working on protection of human rights. The participants were informed about...

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Toolkits on suicide and self-harm prevention and mental health assessment adopted

16 September 2022 Armenia

Two toolkits on suicide and deliberate self-harm prevention and risk assessment and on mental Health and in-depth assessment developed with the support of the Council of Europe were adopted by the Decree of the Minister of Justice following the positive results of piloting them in the selected...

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Cooperation between the Serbian Ministry of Interior and Civil Society Organisations

2 September 2022 Belgrade, Serbia

The first cooperation meeting between Ministry of Interior (MoI) and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), was held on 2 September 2022, in Belgrade. During the meeting, opportunities for cooperation were identified and participants engaged in dialogue on current issues of protection of human...

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The Georgian National Preventive Mechanism adopts a new monitoring tool on the treatment of juveniles by the police

22 July 2022 Georgia

Representatives of the Georgian National Prevention Mechanism (NPM) reviewed and adopted a new monitoring tool to observe the treatment of juveniles in police custody, in line with Council of Europe standards and recommendations. In a 2-day working meeting held on 20-21 July 2022, the...

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Law-enforcement authorities and civil society discuss investigations into alleged police misconduct in Georgia

21 July 2022 Georgia

The awareness of local law enforcement and civil society about the Special Investigation Service (SIS) mandate and operational procedures for notifications and complaints related to alleged police misconduct was raised in July 2022, through eight meetings which took place in four regions of...

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The Training Centre of the National Administration of Penitentiaries (NAP) ready to deliver a new course on Prison Management for the senior managers within the prison system of the Republic of Moldova

15 July 2022 Moldova

The team of the Training Centre (TC) of the National Administration of Penitentiaries (NAP) strengthened their knowledge and professional skills during a Training of Trainers (ToT) session for the delivery of a new course on Prison Management, designed for the senior prison managers from the...

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Introduction of toolkits on screening and risk assessment of deliberate self-harm and suicide prevention in prisons of Armenia

13 July 2022 Armenia

Representatives of the Ministry of Justice, directors and deputy directors, as well as the security and medical staff of the penitentiary institutions were trained on the toolkits for screening and risk assessment of suicide and self-harm behaviour in penitentiary institutions in Armenia. The...

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The assessment report contributing to the improvement of health care services of the penitentiary in Romania has been presented

13 July 2022 Romania

The Council of Europe presented the findings of the needs assessment report on attracting health care staff to the penitentiary Service in Romania. The report analysis the obstacles hindering the attraction of medical staff, addresses the issues related to the professional development,...

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7th Steering Committee of the “Enhancing the capacities of the penitentiary system and the external oversight mechanism in North Macedonia”

11 July 2022 Skopje, North Macedonia

The members of the Steering Committee of the Action “Enhancing the capacities of the penitentiary system and the external oversight mechanism in North Macedonia”, noted some positive changes during the meeting on 8 July in Skopje. Namely, at its seventh regular meeting, the Committee reviewed the...

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Council of Europe launched a new network of national law enforcement correspondents

29 June 2022 Strasbourg, France

The Council of Europe has launched a network of national police correspondents at a conference entitled "Policing in the digital age, how new technologies can help to better police our modern societies", held in Strasbourg on 28 and 29 June 2022. The event brought together senior representatives...

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Establishing a Training Academy and Research Institution in Slovenia

08 July 2022 Slovenia

Council of Europe works together with Prison Administration to establish a Training Academy and a Research Institute in Slovenia in order to increase the professionalism of prison staff and improve the detention conditions in prisons. Recommendations to establish the Academy and Research...

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North Macedonia hosted prison practitioners from the region, discussing best way forward for reintegration of violent extremist prisoners (VEPs)

6 July 2022 North Macedonia

A study visit to North Macedonia, which took place on 05-06 July 2022, provided an excellent settings to selected prison staff from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo* to exchange practices and learn from the North Macedonian’s approaches when it comes to screening, risk assessment, management and...

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Corrigendum: extended deadline

04 July 2022 Romania

The Council of Europe is currently implementing and until 30 December 2023 a project “Strengthening the provision of heath care and mental health care in prisons in Romania”. In that context, it is looking for providers for provision of interpreting services and renting of interpreting equipment...

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Professional First Aid Training for the Penitentiary Medical Staff of Armenia

4 July Armenia

10 sessions of 2-day Professional First Aid accredited training for the medical staff of all the penitentiary institutions were completed successfully. 142 participants enhanced the professional capacity and skills to provide a better health care and prevent lethal outcomes in prisons. The...

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