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Council for Penological Co-operation (PC-CP)
Drafting committee on prison overcrowding


Directors of Prison and Probation Services


Recommendations in other languages
EU Framework Decisions




Country factsheets


European Sourcebook
European Statistics
Council of Europe
European Union
Other bodies



Nord-Balt Prison Project
10th Steering Group meeting, Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia, 27-28 November 2002
Secretariat Memorandum
9th Steering Group meeting, Stockholm, 10 – 11 October 2001
Secretariat Memorandum
8th Steering Group meeting, Vilnius, 14-15 November 2000
Secretariat Memorandum
7th Steering meeting, Strasbourg, 2-3 December 1999
Secretariat Memorandum
6th Steering meeting, Jurmala, Latvia, 22-23 June 1999
Secretariat Memorandum
5th Steering meeting, Strasbourg, 15-16 December 1998
Secretariat Memorandum
4th Steering meeting, Pärnu, Estonia, 26-27 May 1998
Secretariat Memorandum
3rd Steering meeting, Strasbourg, 15-16 December 1997
Secretariat Memorandum
2nd Steering meeting, Strasbourg, 9-10 January 1997
Secretariat Memorandum
1st Steering meeting, Strasbourg, 19-20 February 1996
Secretariat Memorandum