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Recent Publications

 Parity Democracy – a far cry from reality
Comparative study on the results of the first and second rounds of monitoring of Council of Europe Recommendation Rec(2003)3 on balanced participation of women and men in political and public decision-making
CDEG (2009) 17 prov

Legislation in the member States of the Council of Europe in the field of violence against women
EG (2009) 3
Vol I (Armenia to Lithuania) / Vol II (Moldova to United-Kingdom)  / french only (Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland)

National machinery, action plans and gender mainstreaming in the Council of Europe member states since the 4th World Conference on Women (Beijing, 1995)
EG (2009) 2

Activities related to the strategic objectives in the Beijing and Vienna Platforms for Action and the “Beijing + 5” and “Beijing + 10” measures and initiatives
EG (2009) 1