European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement

Public authorities and civil society together for a safe European nuclear future

22-23 September 2008,
Kiev, Ukraine

Learning from the Chernobyl legacy to make European nuclear energy safer: the role of local communities, authorities and central governments in emergency preparedness and management.


The main aim of the Workshop is to foster amongst populations, living in the areas that might be affected by an accident at a Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), better emergency preparedness and response.  This will be done by spreading the best European practices on emergency planning, co-operation between state and local authorities and NPP operators, early warning procedures, iodine prophylaxis and other protective actions.

Main Topics
1. International guidelines and national regulations on co-operation between central government, local and regional authorities and NPP managers;
2. National emergency plans and the role of territorial authorities and communities;
3. Community and territorial authorities’ awareness about radiological risk and national interventions in case of accident (monitoring procedures, early warning, countermeasures implementation, …);
4. NPPs and territorial authorities’ joint actions in favour of communities (exercises, training, voluntary emergency teams, …);
5. Interaction between authorities, mass media and the general public ;
6. National regulations and community role in post accident rehabilitation;
7. Transboundary co-operation for early warning and standardization of procedures on contamination, forecasting and monitoring;
8. International cooperation in preparedness and response to radiation emergencies.

European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement of the Council of Europe (EUR-OPA), in partnership with:
- International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),
- United Nations Development Programme (UNDP),
- Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe  (The Congress),
- Ukrainian authorities
- EUR-OPA Network of Specialised Centres
- Other international and national institutions.

Workshop secretariat
The European Centre of Technological Safety, (TESEC), Kiev, Ukraine
Mr. Victor POYARKOV, Executive Director
Tel (+38 050) 312 40 24, e-mail:
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