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Main award-winning Eurimages films (list)
Eurimages Co-production Development Award

The Council of Europe’s Eurimages Fund has joined forces with co-production markets in Rotterdam (CineMart), Berlin (Berlinale Co-Production Market), Sarajevo (CineLink), Rome (New Cinema Network), Amsterdam (Cinekid) and Copenhagen (CPH:FORUM) to award the Eurimages Co-Production Development Award. The award, a cash prize of €20,000 euros for feature films at Rotterdam, Berlin, Sarajevo, Amsterdam and Rome film festivals, and €15,000 for documentaries at Copenhagen film festival, has been created to promote the Fund’s role in encouraging European co-production from the initial stages of a project.

To be eligible, projects must participate in one of these markets and be designed from the outset as a European co-production, other than in purely financial terms, between at least two member states of the Eurimages Fund.

The projects rewarded by the Prize for the Development of Co-Production since its creation are:

Wolf by Bogdan Mustata, produced by Bucarest Strada Film (RO) – Cinelink 2010
Chaika by Miguel Angel Jimenez, produced by the company Kinoskopik (ES) – New Cinema Network 2010
Kid by Fien Troch, produced by Prime Time (BE) – CineMart 2011
Yozgat Blues by Mahmut Fazil Coskun, produced by Hokus Fokus Film (TR) – CineLink 2011
Off Frame by Mohanad Yaqubi, produced by Monkey Bay Productions (FR) – New Cinema Network 2011
Humidity by Nikola Ljuca, produced by Dart Film (RS) - CineMart 2012
To Saroma (A Blast) by Syllas Tzoumerkas, produced by Homemade Films (GR) - CineLink 2012
Mordogan by Jessica Krummacher, produced by Lieblingsfilm GmbH & Klappboxfilme GbR (DE) - New Cinema Network 2012
Jätten (The Giant) by Johannes Nyholm, co-produced by BeoFilm Productions (Denmark) and Garagefilm International (Sweden) - CineMart 2013
Park by Sofia Exarchou, produced by Amanda Livanou with the companies Guanaco Film Co and Beben Films (GR) - CineLink 2013
Aquarela by Victor Kossakovsky, produced by the companies (DE) and Aconite Productions (GB) - CPH:FORUM 2013
Little Crusader by Vaclav Kadrnka, produced by Alice Tabery and Marko Shop for Sirius Film (CZ) - New Cinema Network 2013
Tabija by Igor Drljaca, produced by SCCA/ (BA) - CineMart 2014
My Happy Family by Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Gross, produced by Simon Gross with the company Polare Film (GE) - CineLink 2014
An Ocean Between by Torfinn Iversen, produced by Original Film (NO) - Cinekid for Professionals, Junior Co-Production Market 2014
9 Fingers by F.J. Ossang, produced by Catherine Dussart Productions, CDP Sarl (FR) - New Cinema Network 2014
On Screen Off Record by Rami Farah and Lyana Saleh, produced by Final Cut For Real (DK) - CPH:FORUM 2014
Tonic Immobility by Nathalie Teirlinck, produced by Savage Film (BE) - CineMart 2015
3 Days in Quiberon by Emily Atef, produced by Rohfilm (DE) - Berlinale Co-Production Market 2015

The European Film Awards

In 2007, the Eurimages Fund became a patron of the European Film Academy and created an award for co-production – the Eurimages Prize – aimed at rewarding each year the work of one or two producers having participated in the co-production of Eurimages supported projects. The main objective of this award is to acknowledge the decisive position which co-production occupies within the European film industry.

Since 2009, the Eurimages Prize is awarded during the official ceremony of the European Film Awards.

The past prize-winners are:
Margaret Menegoz (FR) and Veit Heiduschka (AT) in 2007
Bettina Brokemper (DE) and Vibeke Windeløv (DK) in 2008
Diana Elbaum (BE) and Jani Thiltges (LU) in 2009
Zeynep Özbatur (TR) in 2010
Mariela Besuievsky (ES) in 2011
Helena Danielsson (SE) in 2012
Ada Solomon (RO) in 2013
Ed Guiney (IE) in 2014

The next European Film Awards Ceremony will take place on 13 December 2014 in Riga, Latvia.

The LUX Prize

The LUX Prize (in Latin, lux means light), was established in 2007, as a tangible symbol of the European Parliament’s commitment to the European film industry and its creative endeavours. No matter what individual, historical or social issue it illustrates, each film in the LUX Prize Official Selection gives a glimpse of Europeans — their lives, their convictions, their doubts, and their quest for identity.
Winners of the LUX Prize:
Auf der anderen Seite by Fatik Akin (2007)
Le silence de Lorna by the Dardenne brothers (2008) - supported by Eurimages -,
Welcome by Philippe Lioret (2009),
Die Fremde by Feo Aladag (2010),
Les neiges du Kilimandjaro by Robert Guédiguian (2011),
Shun Li and the Poet by Andrea Segre (2012),
The Broken Circle Breakdown by Felix van Groeningen (2013),
Ida by Paweł Pawlikowski (2014) .
Each of these films has benefited from European Parliament financial support to pay for subtitling in the 23 official languages of the European Union (EU), including an adaptation of the original version for visually- or hearing-impaired people, and for producing a 35 mm print for each EU Member State or supporting the subsequent DVD release.

Since the end of 2009, Eurimages has an observer status during the selection procedure of films in competition for this prize.

Link to the LUX Prize website

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  • As Turkey is now eligible for distribution support from the Creative Europe Programme it can no longer receive support from the Eurimages distribution scheme, except for Scheme one support in the cases referred to in Article 2.2 of the Regulations.

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