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Cartoon Movie 2007

Avant world-premiere of Eurimages Animation Film “The Princess of the Sun”

Phillipe Leclerc’s “The Princess of the Sun” was Cartoon Movie 2007’s opening night screening which began on 7 March 2007 in Potsdam-Babelsberg. This co-production between France, Belgium and Hungary, supported by Eurimages, is an adaptation of a novel written by the internationally celebrated writer Christian Jacq. The distribution rights for the feature have already been sold in over 12 countries ahead of its world premiere scheduled for March 13 in Egypt, at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Giza (Cairo).


Cartoon Movie Tribute - Eurimages Animation Film “The Ugly duckling and me”

During the closing ceremony of the Cartoon Movie 2007 on 9 March 2007 in Postdam-Babelsberg, the European Association of Animation Film has awarded the Cartoon Movie Tribute 2007 in the category of the Best European Director of the Year to Michael Hegner and Karsten Kiilerich for "The Ugly Duckling and Me!", a co-production between Denmark, Germany, France and Ireland supported by Eurimages.

Info for producers

  • Following the decision of the Eurimages Board of Management meeting in 2009 to carry out in 2014 a study on the functioning and results of the Fund, the Olsberg SPI company established in the United Kingdom has just published its report which you will find here. As an independent study, the contents of this document do not bind or commit in any way the Council of Europe and the Eurimages Fund. The Fund’s Board of Management will now study the recommendations proposed by the Olsberg SPI company.

  • From 1 January 2014, the rules for Eurimages Co-production funding have been modified.

Info for distributors

  • Please note that as from 1 January 2014, Bosnia-Herzegovina is no longer eligible for distribution support.  However, as Switzerland is no longer eligible for support from Creative Europe – MEDIA, they are eligible for distribution support from Eurimages.

  • The Regulations for the New Distribution Support Programme, including the application forms, are now available! NEXT DEADLINE - 25 AUGUST 2014!

Info for exhibitors

  • Please note that as from 1 January 2014, Bosnia-Herzegovina is no longer eligible for support for theatres. However, although Switzerland is no longer eligible for support from the Creative Europe- MEDIA Initiative, they are eligible for support for theatres.

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