Culture, Heritage and Diversity


Seminar on Faith in Intercultural Cities

Lewisham, United Kingdom, 19-20 March 2014

There are many controversies concerning whether policy-makers should engage with issues of faith and religion, and if so, how? Cities face important questions about what role faith communities might play within their communities and how they might be encouraged to be more involved in supporting intercultural relationships. A workshop took place on 19-20 March in the London Borough of Lewisham, in the context of the Intercultural cities programme, on managing faith in diverse cities.




Faith in Intercultural Cities: Recognising religions as part of local diversity, and exploring how they can contribute to the diversity advantage of cities by Dr Andrew Orton, Durham University


DAY 1: Exploring how different national contexts affect the potential role of faith within intercultural cities

Welcome and Introductions


Keynote presentation: “What is the Role of Faith in the Public Realm? Diverse Policies and Perspectives” by Professor Adam Dinham Faiths and Civil Society Unit, Goldsmiths, University of London


How cities can engage with faith groups, and help faith groups to engage with each other by Dr Andrew Orton, Durham University


Engaging and involving faith groups – Part 2: Interfaith/inter-perspective dialogue platforms



DAY 2: Exploring the practical issues and dilemmas that can arise when faith groups contribute towards intercultural interactions, and how cities can best engage with faith groups to address these

Welcome and brief introduction to the second day: Addressing dilemmas, prejudice/discrimination issues and conflict situations by Andrew Orton, Durham University


Faith and intercultural interactions in service delivery and developing shared spaces: Addressing issues and dilemmas in practice: Canton of Neuchâtel, Islamic platform (CIMC), Shared burial spaces


Addressing prejudice between, within and against different faith groups:

- Intercultural strategy to seek to resolve conflicts and reduce prejudice by Vanja Möller, Develop Manager for Intercultural affairs, Botkyrka, Sweden

- Islam in Neukölln – Dialog and Controversy by Cordula Simon, European Affairs, City Council of Berlin-Neukölln

- SurreyCanalRenewal, United Kingdom


Involving faith groups in building peaceful relationships where there is conflict: powerpoint by Lia Shimada




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