The ICC programme participates in the Foro Mundial for Peace

19-21 April 2017 Madrid, Spain

Madrid’s World Forum on Urban Violence and Education for Coexistence and Peace is a gathering of local leaders, organisations and international networks, academic figures, NGDOs and civil society, aimed at opening up a joint process of discussion, reflexion and the construction of solutions which...

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The ICC-UA Network is meeting in Odessa

18-19 April Odessa, Ukraine

The ICC – Ukrainian network will hold a coordination meeting in Odessa on 18-19 April. The Ukrainian network of Intercultural Cities (ICC-UA) includes a group of cities that recognize the importance of the diversity advantage concept for the development of their communities. These cities take...

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Intercultural Cities in Ukraine: top quality of life ranking

The ICC experts have observed an association between the intercultural performance of cities as measured by the ICC Index and the degree of satisfaction with living conditions in the ICC cities. Interestingly enough, this observation appears to be valid for the Ukrainian ICC Network as well. Two...

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Cantonal Action Week against Racism: a very positive outcome

20-29 March 2017 Neuchâtel, Switzerland

From 20 to 29 March 2017 Neuchâtel people of all generations and from all walks of life participated in around thirty events organised as part of the 22nd edition of the Neuchâtel Action Week against Racism (SACR) on the theme of plural identities. More than 20 operators, associations, groups,...

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The Diversity Connectors for Start-ups will hold its first meeting end of April

26-27 April 2017 Barcelona, Spain

The 1st meeting of the Diversity Connectors project will be held in the Spanish ICC city of Barcelona on 26-27 April 2017. A learning cluster of incubators, CEOs, cities and other stakeholders will be among those attending this meeting. This Pilot Action of Intercultural Cities on incubators and...

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Div-A project presented at the International Festival of Journalism

7 April 2017 Perugia, Italy

Div-A – Diversity accelerator for Media is the Council of Europe's project aiming to increase inclusion in the media through support and development of new media startups. Increased inclusion will come from the 10 mentees who are being helped to move from the ideas stage towards becoming...

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Migrants and employment: the implementation of the legal framework

6 April 2017 Lisbon, Portugal

Did you know that 51.6% of immigrants in Portugal live in the metropolitan area of Lisbon? And that the percentage of working-age immigrants is more than 63%? Did you know that foreigners have higher rates of entrepreneurship than native Portuguese? Given this scenario, the Intercultural City of...

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Is Japan turning intercultural?

The Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, which is in charge of local government, produced a report on good practices of intercultural cohesion at the local level in March 2017. The report was drafted by a group of nine experts on migrant integration, chaired by Professor...

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European Anti-Racism Week 2017: Actions in Patras - "No child is foreign to us!"

18-23 March 2017 Patras, Greece

The “European Week Against Racism 2017” gave another opportunity to local stakeholders of the city of Patras (metropolitan centre of Western Greece) to join forces for a common goal! A series of events took place within 18th to 23rd March 2017, under the initiative “No child is foreign to us!”...

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Conference on Building diverse communities based on shared values – the Intercultural cities approach

27-28 March 2017 Limassol, Cyprus

Organised under the Cypriot Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on 27-28 March in Limassol, the event "Building diverse communities based on shared values – the Intercultural cities approach" engaged international and Cypriot stakeholders in a discussion on the...

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