First expert visit to Viseu

23-24 May 2017 Viseu, Portugal

On 23 and 24 May, the Intercultural cities programme will carry out the first expert visit to Viseu, a municipality in the Centro Region of Portugal, counting about 100 000 inhabitants, 24% of whom with an origin different from Portuguese. A representative of the Council of Europe and an...

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Coordination meeting of the Italian Intercultural cities Network

25 May 2017 Rome, Italy

On 25 May the Italian Intercultural cities Network will hold its annual coordination meeting in Rome, at the Italian Parliament. The Italian network “Città del Dialogo” includes twenty-five cities and the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI), that collaborate on intercultural...

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Paris city council adopts a major report on "Paris - Intercultural city"

18 May 2017 Paris, France

The information and evaluation mission "Paris, an intercultural city: links, practices and public policies" aims to highlight the stakes of the intercultural approach, to evaluate the public policies implemented in this respect and to formulate recommendations with a view to perfecting them. The...

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Workshop on Human Rights in the Intercultural City

14-15 June 2017 Oslo, Norway

Intercultural cities strive to ensure conditions that enable individuals and groups to live together in their diversity, develop a sense of community and belonging, and allow the expression of pluralism, tolerance and broadmindedness, all hallmarks of a democratic society. The intercultural...

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The Island Council of Tenerife starts an awareness-raising campaign against cyber racism and intolerance on the social media

4 May 2017 Tenerife, Spain

Set-up under the cultural diversity management strategy “Together in the same direction” of the Island Council of Tenerife, the Tenerife Antirumours Group has just launched a new awareness-raising campaign to counter cyber-racism and intolerance spreading out through the internet and social...

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Memorandum of Understanding and on the Establishment of the Interreligious Council of Rijeka 2020 has just been signed

9 May 2017 Rijeka, Croatia

By signing this Memorandum, religious communities have committed themselves to getting involved in the project Rijeka – European Capital of Culture 2020 with the aim of further strengthening interreligious dialogue within the city of Rijeka and the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, following the...

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Hamamatsu becomes the first “Intercultural City” in Japan

9 May 2017 Strasbourg, France

The City of Hamamatsu has formally decided to join the Intercultural Cities Network, a unique laboratory for local policy innovation, as well as a coalition of cities that stand for pluralism, equity and human rights. “By joining the Network Hamamatsu confirms its vocation to drive policy change...

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Urban policies for inclusive integration and diversity advantage

Join the Intercultural Cities 2017 Milestone Event

28-29 November 2017 Lisbon, Portugal

Engage in a debate with Mayors about the most innovative and successful approaches to managing urban cultural diversity and the intercultural approach to social integration across Europe and worldwide. Help design solutions to urban challenges in dialogue with diverse residents of Lisbon –...

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Odessa as an Intercultural Harbor

The II Annual Coordinators Meeting of the Ukrainian ICC Network started in Odessa, On 18-19 April, with the signing of the ICC-UA Memorandum with the mayor of Odessa Mr. Gennady Trukhanov. Odessa, located on the Balck Sea shore, is the first city in Ukraine with a million population to join the...

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Meeting of the Business and Diversity incubator working group

19-20 September 2017 Berlin, Germany

This Pilot Action of Intercultural Cities on incubators and networks mixes under-represented start-ups mostly launched by minority entrepreneurs, with mainstream start-ups, and aims to design a new type of business incubators which connect underrepresented (migrants/refugees, as well as women,...

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